The modern Dakar changes location every year to create a unique and exciting challenge. In 2016, the Dakar comes to Peru, one of the world's most spectacularly beautiful countries, home to ancient civilizations and ultra-modern cities alike. Join us for a 15-day self-drive 4x4 adventure to experience the best of the 2016 Dakar challenge, up close and personal!

This once-in-a-lifetime experience gives you the chance to follow the 37th Dakar challenge as it crosses some of the wildest and toughest terrain know to rallying. Unlike the rally drivers, you won't be in danger - our experienced guides and fully-equipped 4x4 exploration vehicles may not be as fast as the Dakar vehicles, but they have everything you need to travel in total security and enjoy the stunning scenery, spectacular views, and experience the opening stages of this thrilling event.

In 2012, the Dakar touched Peru, and Peru left a lasting impression on the Dakar - so much that the Dakar came back the next year! In 2016, Peru is host once again to the opening stages of this gruelling off-road rally event: drivers start from the Peruvian capital, Lima, and head out through Bolivia, traveling thousands of kilometers to the finish line in Argentina.

Our 4x4 Dakar adventure puts you in the driving seat as we follow the first stages of the event. Starting in Lima on 1 January, you'll be met by our guides and chauffeured to the smart Milaflores district for induction. But you won't be in the city for long... the very next day, we wave goodbye to the modern Peruvian capital and drive towards adventure in the desert! We'll head to Paracas, ahead of the Dakar, and enjoy dinner overlooking the bay, before turning in for the night.

Day 3 takes us out to some of the best viewpoints for the opening stages of the Dakar - viewpoints that are only accessible by 4x4, of course! You'll watch (and hear) the thrilling desert stage as 4x4 race cars, 6-wheel-drive racing trucks and crazy motorcycles and quads all charge past, jockeying for position and an early lead. We'll follow on in the late afternoon to a delightful desert camp close to the Nazca lines.

For four more days, we'll be rising early and driving hard to keep up with the Dakar racers as they power across desert dunes, through Pisco, then climb sharply up to Titiaca, home of the world's highest lake! If the driving sounds too much, we can provide experienced, professional drivers who are used to the pace - and you can just sit back and soak up the thrills, spills, and atmosphere of the Dakar challenge!

There's little respite from the pace as we cross into the Bolivian high altiplano, reaching heights of almost 4,000m on spectacular roads. These views of the Andes are truly stunning and continue as we head south towards the salt flats at Uyuni, where we drop out of the mountains for an exciting crossing and our final night with the rally.

We head back to Peru on 9 January, taking a route through even more spectacular scenery... but with a more leisurely pace! This relaxed end to our expedition has time for stops at the Paracas National Park and the incredible wildlife sanctuary at Islas Ballestas. You can even opt for some fun extras, such as a flight over the mystical Nazca lines, or dune buggy and sand surfing adventures at the Ica oasis.

You'll arrive safe and sound - if a little breathless from all the excitement - back in Lima after a wild 15 days of exploration, with a camera full of amazing photos and a heart full of experiences you'll never forget!


  • Cost is $6,995 per person, based on 2 persons sharing one guided self-drive vehicle.
  • Cost is $5,125 per person for each additional passenger, up to 4 per vehicle.
  • Single traveler supplement of $1,450.
  • If you do not wish to drive your own vehicle, we can provide an experienced private driver for an additional $1,450 (with maximum 3 passengers).

What’s Included?

All associated tour costs except options (see following list), including:

  • Purpose-built 4x4 self drive vehicle, 2014 model
  • All fuel
  • All hotels, lodges and desert camps
  • All food (except some evening meals)

What’s Not Included & Optional Extras?

  • Optional - Nazca Flight ($105)
  • Optional - Sand Buggy Dune Surf Tour ($75)
  • Optional - Peruvian Farewell Dinner (including city transfer) ($120)
  • Final Day - lunch at Larcomar (various options)

* Please note that prices are per person


  • All travelers must be at least 12 years old.
  • A liability release waiver must be completed. A parent or guardian must sign if the participant is under 18 years old.
  • All drivers must between 25 and 70 years of age and have held a full US or European Community driving license for at least 2 years.
  • Drivers aged below 25 or over 70 may still be able to drive, but there will be an insurance surcharge.
  • A security deposit of $2,000 is required (cash or credit card).

* The itinerary is subject to change. You will receive a detailed itinerary with all relevant details 12 weeks prior to your departure date, along with any travel updates and advisories.

Tour Date

1 January - 16 January, 2016.


Your 15-day adventure starts and ends in Lima, the capital of Peru.

Session Length

7 days of Dakar racing, plus 7 days of exciting discovery and adventure!


This experience voucher is valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

Cancellation policy

  • Please note cancellations/reschedule requests require a minimum of 12 weeks notice prior to departure date.
  • There is a strict no show / no refund policy – you’re advised to arrive earlier than the departure time, the experience provider will attempt to reach you, if you’re not at the meeting point - you’ll be charged 100% of the expedition cost (no refund will be provided).

Numbers per expedition

  • Expeditions operate with a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 people per expedition. 
  • Please make sure the phone number provided is contactable prior to departure as the supplier will contact you at least 8 weeks in advance if the trip has been postponed.


This trip may be delayed in the event of bad weather, or other unforeseen dangers. In this case, the supplier will reschedule your experience (refunds will not be given).

Frequently asked questions:

How many guests per vehicle?

Each vehicle can hold 4 people. If you decide not to drive for yourself, your private chauffeur takes up one of those seats, leaving room for 3 people.

Is the tour guided?

Yes, our experienced guide will meet you at the airport in Lima, and will escort the small convoy throughout the trip in our lead vehicle. We also have local guides who will help you discover the mysterious land of the Incas!

Does our guide speak English? And Spanish?

Yes to both! Our team only has experienced guides who are fluent in both English and Spanish.

Do they speak English in Peru, Bolivia and Argentina ?

In all three countries the official language is Spanish while many people are bilingual.

Who organizes the flights to Lima?

  • You are responsible for booking your own flight to Lima (LIM) airport. Flights to and from Peru are not included in the cost of the expedition. We will meet you at the airport, provided you arrive on the starting date of the trip.
  • If you arrive before the starting date of the trip, you will also be responsible for your own taxi transfer, hotel accommodation before the trip starts, and transportation to wherever the group is meeting.

What are the expedition vehicles like?

  • 4 wheel drive Toyota 3.0 Diesel 
  • Hi-Lux underbody steel protection
  • Uprated OME heavy duty lifted suspension
  • Safari snorkel
  • Rear canopy enclosure
  • ARB front sahara bumper
  • ARB rear bumper & step
  • Side steps
  • Heavy duty all-terrain tyres
  • LED lazer light bars front + LED foglamps
  • LED work lights rear
  • LED floodlights side
  • USB charger 2
  • 12v sockets 2
  • Inverter to power laptops, etc. (using 240v and UK-style plugs)
  • 2 rear seat mounted iPad holders
  • Satellite navigation
  • Field kitchen kit
  • Camping Gaz burner
  • Water tanks
  • Cooler
  • Solar shower
  • 2 way radio
  • Camp table and 4 chairs

Am I insured for the vehicle?

  • Fully comprehensive vehicle hire insurance is included in the expedition price. You need to organize your own valid travel insurance.

What is it like driving in Lima?

  • In Lima, the answer is “awful”! That’s why we do free transfers from the airport to rendezvous with our vehicles outside the city. 
  • Once we’re off on expedition, the roads range from mildly challenging off road (about 20% of the journey), to dirt tracks (20%), to tarmac highways (60%). 
  • Peruvians drive on the right (the same as the US and most of Europe). Some of the roads are very high, and incredibly spectacular. If you are nervous driving in the States, then you should seriously consider a private chauffeur.

What clothes should I bring?

Be prepared for cold nights in the Andes, hot days in the desert, and heavy tropical rain in the jungle! We will send you an “essentials list” with your booking confirmation, 12 weeks before your trip.

Can we cook for ourselves?

  • Yes. All our vehicles carry the essentials – a cooker, gas, and water supply, as well as basic field kitchen kit – so a cup of tea or coffee and a slice of toast are never far away!

Can you pick us up from the airport in Lima?

  • As long as you arrive on the tour starting day, we will happily pick you up at the airport and drive you safely through the horrible Lima traffic! Private airport transfers are included in the expedition price.

Do we need a visa?

Please reference:

Please note that you should carry a second form of photo ID, such as a driver’s license, as well as a photocopy of the personal data page of your passport. A copy of your passport is the easiest way to prove your identity if you happen to lose the original. You might also wish to scan your documents and put them into secure online storage, so that you can retrieve copies quickly and easily if the worst happens.

If you are traveling with a passport from a different country than the USA, please call the different Consulates nearest to you and find out if there are any visa requirements.

What currency do I need?

  • The official currency of Peru is the Nuevo Sol (S/.) The Boliviano (BoB) in Bolivia and the Argentinean Peso (ARS) in Argentina but the US Dollar is accepted in many locations.
  • It’s possible to exchange foreign currency (USD and Euros) at hotels, banks, and authorized exchange offices. ATM machines can be found in most major cities in Peru (but be careful of bank and card charges).

How safe are Peru, Bolivia and Argentina ?

Just take the same basic precautions for personal safety as you would in any tourist destinations anywhere in the world. Don’t leave personal items unattended in public areas, don’t display large amounts of money or valuable jewelry, and keep your wallet securely in an inside pocket.

How’s the food?

Most gastronomes agree that Peru is fast becoming a leader amongst the highest echelons of world cuisine. Throughout our expeditition we will explore all kind of restaurants to discover this mixture of flavors: from sophisticated in the cities to very simple in the countryside. 

What about communications?

Most hotels we use have wifi. We have two-way radios in all the vehicles. We also have a satellite phone on board the guide vehicle for emergencies, and voice and data usage can be rented (see your guide for current rates). Our on-board GPS also sends a signal to our back-to-base support team and website so that family and friends can follow your progress on our South America map!

Any health concerns?

Don’t drink tap water and take care in more rural/rustic locations with uncooked vegetables/salads. Purify water or buy it bottled. Consult your doctor for the latest advice regarding regional health risks and immunizations. Consult our guides for further information and on measures to prevent altitude-related health issues.

Do I need to pay a security deposit to drive the expedition vehicle?

Yes, there is a refundable $2,000 security deposit to ensure the vehicle is returned free from negligent damage and to cover loss of equipment (vehicle or on-board gear). If losses or damage occur, the security deposit is retained at the end of the tour while estimates for repair/replacement are obtained. Once these have been obtained and notified, then the security deposit is returned, minus any loss/damage charge.

Do I need travel insurance?

It is always best to have adequate travel insurance in place to cover late cancellations of hire booking. It is also advisable to choose a policy to protect you against theft of personal belongings, emergency health costs, loss of funds, and all the usual things that good travel insurance covers!

What if I have more questions?

That’s why we’re here! Please just email us at and we’ll be more than happy to assist with any questions or concerns. We provide prompt expert support and advice throughout. You can also contact us via telephone on 1 (888) 210-8802


Please talk to us if you have special needs. We cannot guarantee the suitability of this experience for individuals with disabilities.

Dakar Rally 2016 Adventure - 15 nights



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15 nights

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