An anniversary is the celebration of a special event. The word comes originally from Latin, meaning roughly “the turn of the past year”, so anniversaries traditionally happen once a year, on the same date as the original event – just like a birthday. In fact, some countries only have one word for both “anniversary” and “birthday”.

As the fast pace of modern life has turned a year into a long time, the strict “annual” meaning has increasingly slipped away from the word. Younger generations often celebrate shorter periods, so you may hear dating couples, for example, refer to events such as their “three month anniversary”. After all, when you’re a teenager, three months feels like a year!

Wedding anniversaries are the most commonly celebrated event, and even have special names associated with them. For example, the fifth year is called a “wooden anniversary”, the tenth is a “tin anniversary”, and the sixtieth a “diamond anniversary”. 

Many modern companies also celebrate their anniversary, using the opportunity to offer corporate anniversary gifts to their customers or employee incentive gifts to their staff. This is especially true in smaller businesses and family-run firms.

Some anniversaries have special significance. The first anniversary of any event is always important, as it marks a milestone in the life of anything, whether it’s a marriage, a budding romance, or a new business. For couples, a romantic first anniversary gift is a must!

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A present given to a couple to celebrate their first year together. The couple may be married or just romantically connected. The aim of an anniversary gift (couple) is to express your pleasure and make the event marking a couple’s first year together a memorable one.

An anniversary gift for wife is any kind of gift a partner gives to their wife to commemorate another year of marriage, civil union, or romantic involvement. An anniversary gift for wife should always be carefully considered – romantic, useful, beautiful, and/or expensive, depending on the recipient’s personality!

An anniversary gift for women is a present given to a female partner, to celebrate the yearly continuation of a particular situation, such as marriage, engagement, romantic involvement, a business venture, or some other significant life change. Though an anniversary gift for women may come from anyone, it is most commonly given by a lover or husband.

Anniversary gift suggestions are recommendations for presents to mark the date of an event: a wedding, birthday, engagement, new career, etc. Anniversary gift suggestions are always based on the kind of anniversary being celebrated, and the recipient(s): an aerobatic flight experience may not suit someone who prefers being pampered in a spa!

An anniversary gift (wedding) is any gift given to commemorate another year of marriage, whether it is given to the couple by friends or family, or by one partner to the other. Original ideas for an anniversary gift (wedding) are always better than a bunch of flowers.

Anniversary gifts for wife are special gifts a partner presents to their wife to mark another year of marriage or romantic involvement. Depending on the recipient, anniversary gifts for wife can be romantic, humorous, exciting, or designed to pamper that special lady.

An anniversary present for man is a gift given to a man to celebrate a year of something – a marriage, engagement, business venture, etc. An anniversary present for man usually comes from a woman who wishes to show her affection for her man, though it can be given by anyone to celebrate the occasion.

An anniversary present for men is a gift given to a man to celebrate a year of something – a birthday, marriage, business venture, etc. An anniversary present for men usually comes from their partner, who wishes to show affection for the recipient. On milestone dates (5 years, 10 years, etc.), friends and family may wish to celebrate the occasion as well.

Anniversary wedding ideas are ideas for a gift to give to a partner or a married couple, to celebrate another year of romantic union. Many people seeking anniversary wedding ideas are looking for a unique experience to offer their special someone, rather than a tired box of chocolates!

Awesome birthday gift ideas are not as hard to find as you may think. All you have to do is change your approach. Instead of looking for the ideal item, think outside the box – awesome birthday gift ideas can be experiences instead of hard goods!