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Our Help Center is here to help you with anything you might need. If you don’t see the answer to your question below, simply contact us for a prompt response.

  • We would love to hear from you, and we’re here to help. If you have a question not covered above simply call us at 1 (888) 210-8802 or send us an email at Our goal is to make your experience as amazing as it can possibly be!

  • SpinoutDay experience vouchers are valid for the experience purchased for twelve (12) wonderful months from the date of purchase, i.e. the Issue Date. SpinoutDay vouchers not redeemed and used within the twelve (12) month period are valid for services equal to or less than the original purchase price of the experience voucher. If you have any questions regarding the use of a SpinoutDay experience voucher please contact SpinoutDay Customer Service at 1 (888) 210-8802 or email us at

  • If your gift recipient has lost a experience voucher, he or she may be eligible for a replacement as long as the voucher is still valid and has not been used or exchanged. We will need proof of purchase, ordering information such as order number, as well as the purchaser’s name and email address.

  • Due to the range of different kind of experiences we provide, it is possible that no matter how awesome experience providers may be, they might need to cancel or reschedule an event. This could be due to weather conditions, equipment problems and a range of other issues.

  • If you need to cancel or change a booking date, you can usually do so without a cancellation fee, but it is necessary to give a provider ample warning. You should contact your provider directly (and hopefully well in advance) if you need to cancel or change a booking date.

  • SpinoutDay is rapidly becoming the leading online gift retailer for amazing experiences throughout Florida. We act as the booking agent for many experience providers. 

    We do not release our providers' direct details until after you purchase and redeem your voucher on our website. After you submit your booking request, we will send you contact details for your experience provider. They will contact you within 48 hours.

    If you have any questions or concerns before booking, or an experience provider takes longer than 48 hours to get in touch with you, please contact us on 1 (888) 210-8802 and we'll be happy to act on your behalf. We'll call the experience provider to find out everything you wish to know and clear up any issues.

  • Some experiences may be restricted or limited due to a range of factors. It is important to note that it is your responsibility to be aware of potential restrictions and how they might impact you. If you suspect that restricting factors may play a role in enjoying your experience, please contact SpinoutDay or your experience provider.

    Restricting Factors

    • Minimum age requirement
    • Health factors
    • Weight factors
    • Mobility issues
    • Sensory issues
  • 8. Weather

    As much as we would love to be able to do so, SpinoutDay cannot control weather conditions. If you feel that weather could be a factor on the day of your event, we suggest that you contact your experience provider on the morning of your event for more information.

    If weather plays a role in interrupting your experience, you will be rescheduled at no additional cost.

  • Gift Certificates have a dollar amount printed on them. This amount will help you determine which experiences to select.

    Step one-Browse and select your desired experience or gift box
    Step two-Enter your gift certificate number on the Order Summary page
    Step three-The dollar amount on your card or certificate will be automatically deducted
    Step four-If there is a balance, you will need to pay it before the order is finalized

    Note: Any unused value will expire one year from the date of activation.

  • Step one: Simply click on the Redeem Voucher tab
    Step two: Enter your experience voucher code
    Step three: Submit your date for booking request
    Step four: We will contact you within 48 hours to confirm available times and dates. We will also provide you with the phone number and exact location of the experience provider.
    Step five: Bring your confirmation with you for your experience
    Step six: Enjoy your awesome SpinoutDay experience!!

    Note: You should book in at least 3 weeks in advance in order to be sure you can select the date and time you desire.

  • What?!! The voucher hasn’t been used yet? Well that’s no problem really.

    An unused experience voucher can be redeemed for free at any time via our email or by printing the voucher. Just log into your account, select “order history” then select your list of recent purchases. At this point, you’ll have the option to either “resend” or “print” your voucher.

    Charges for the following redelivery options:

    1. Free email delivery with Printable Voucher
    2. Gift Pack - FedEx Ground (4-7 Business Days) $10.00
    3. Gift Pack - FedEx Ground (3 Business Days) $12.50
    4. Gift Pack - FedEx Ground (2 Business Days) $18.00
    5. Gift Pack - FedEx Ground (1 Business Day ) $29.00
  • Delivery taking too long? Please get in touch by emailing us at with your order ID or give us a ring at:

    1 (888) 210-8802

    When ordering, be sure that we have the correct address. We cannot be held responsible for damaged, missing or delayed orders due to inaccurate or incomplete mailing information.

    We also recommend that you check for email junk folders if you have not received your email voucher within 10 minutes of ordering.

  • Checking your delivery status is easy. Simply log into your account then select your order history. Next look for delivery status. If you don’t have an account, please email us at with your order ID. Also, please note that gifts are only mailed out after payment is approved.

  • We know there is certainly a lot to choose from! If you are unsure as to what kind of gift to give or simply can’t decide, we get it. In this case, we recommend opting for gift certificates so your recipients can have the thrilling experience of selecting one on their own. Our SpinoutDay Gift Certificates do not expire.

    Since we offer such a diverse array of experiences, we are positive that your gift recipients will find something that they will love when they visit the site. Also, our exciting Gift Boxes are always an excellent choice!

    Our 5 Fast and Effective Delivery Options

    1. Free email delivery with Printable Voucher
    2. Gift Pack - FedEx Ground (4-7 Business Days) $10.00
    3. Gift Pack - FedEx Ground (3 Business Days) $12.50
    4. Gift Pack - FedEx Ground (2 Business Days) $18.00
    5. Gift Pack - FedEx Ground (1 Business Day ) $29.00
  • SpinoutDay has a wide array of experiences available. No matter what your budget, we have a great experience that will make an amazing and unique experience gift.

  • Buy: Select and buy an experience voucher
    Give: Present the gift to the lucky recipient. (It is possible to email, snail mail or print out our vouchers)
    Receive and Book: Your recipient can then book the experience online on a day and time of his or her choosing
    Have Fun: Your recipient can then show up and enjoy the experience

  • No worries, we can help! We’ll simply exchange your Experience Voucher with a website credit. You can then use that credit for a different experience.

  • Yikes, sorry to hear that! But our policy is that it is the responsibility of the holder to keep his or her experience voucher and/or gift certificate safe.

  • Sure! You are more than welcome to transfer your experience vouchers and gift certificates.

  • Yes, we are definitely happy to facilitate exchanges. Keep in mind that exchanges are only permitted for experience vouchers that are valid. If a voucher has been activated already, it cannot be exchanged. Additionally, vouchers can only be exchanged once without incurring an administrative fee. $10 administrative fee will be accessed thereafter.

    If you exchange your voucher for an experience of lesser value, the remaining value will stay on your SpinoutDay account. If you exchange your voucher for an experience of higher value, you will need to pay the difference.

    Exchanging a experience voucher does not change expiration dates. In other words, your credit will expire on the same date as your original voucher.

  • All sales are final for gift certificates and gift boxes. Once a gift certificate or gift box has been purchased or dispatched, an exchange is no longer possible.