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The Seabreacher is the most advanced submersible watercraft to come to Miami. The 260 hp supercharged engine enables the vessel to reach a top speed of up to 55mph on the surface and 25 mph below. When you breach the water’s surface during these high speed dives you can launch the entire 18 feet (6 meter) length of the craft out of the water.

The Seabreacher combines hydrodynamics of marine mammals , and extreme power boating to deliver a machine that visually appears like a shark, moves like an exotic sports car, and feels like maneuvering in a fighter jet aircraft.

Looking through the F-16 fighter-grade glass you will see the sky disappear as your drivers descends into a dive only to then breach the surface and launch the entire vessel in the air. Tight turns and top speeds all at a low centre of gravity and this trip will certainly gets your heart pumping.

Sit back in our state of the art cockpit and get ready to feel the g-forces as our expert drivers give you an experience you will not forget.

Whether you want to experience the thrill of the ride as a passenger, or do the pilot training. We will take you on an adrenaline packed tour

Activity Highlights: 

  • Extreme aquatic thrill ride experience
  • Dive 6 feet (2 meters) under water
  • Jump 18 feet (6 meters) out of the water
  • 55mph (80 kph) across the water
  • 25mph (40 kph) under the water
  • Turn tight doughnuts and 90’ angle side rolls

What's Included: 

  • Safety briefing
  • The ride of a lifetime 
  • In 260 hp supercharged submersible
  • Up to 10 hours of pilot training
  • In latest state of the art custom build SeaBreacher
  • Friendly and professional staff


  • Drivers need to be in a good physical and mental condition to participate in this event
  • A liability release waiver must be completed and a parent / guardian must sign if the rider is under the age of 18 years. Minimum age to ride is 13 years
  • Maximum weight is 290 lbs. (130 kg). 48” waist max.
  • Maximum height of 7 feet (215cm) 
  • This experience is not suitable for pregnant women or those with heart conditions


This experience takes place in Watson Island, Miami

Session Length

We depart from our meet-up location in our separate yacht tender and travel a short way to our designated stunt area. Each pilot training takes up to 10 hours. Each rider will spend maximimum time enjoying the most exhilarating aquatic thrill ride(s) on and under the water ! 

Available 7 days a weeks by appointment only.

This experience voucher is valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

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Review by: Bobby H
Location: North Miami, Florida
5 / 5
SpinoutDay did a great job partnering with this company. Awesome does not describe this experience. This was the the Best ! Thanks Michele

Cancellation Policy

Please note cancellations/reschedule requests require a minimum of 1 week notice prior to activity date. There is a strict no show / no refund policy – you’re advised to arrive 15min earlier than the activity time. If you are not there – you’ll be charged 100% of the activity cost (no refund will be provided).

Dress Code

Comfortable, casual clothing such as board shorts is recommended. Don't forget to bring your sunglasses, hat and sun cream for when you are on the yacht tender.

Numbers On The Day

The price quoted is for 1 person. Only one person will be inside the Seabreacher with our experienced pilot at the time.


We reserve the right to reschedule bookings due to unsuitable weather conditions or any other unforeseen situation that may arise. If your experience is cancelled you will be rescheduled by the provider.


No experience is necessary. Participants do not need to be able to swim.


  • There no wheelchair access on this experience
  • This experience not suitable for those with vision and hearing impairments


Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can they go?

Our high performance Seabreacher is capable of traveling at 55mph on the surface and up to 25mph under water!

How deep can they dive?

The Seabreacher is semi-submersible and dives about 5 - 6 feet for brief durations. Because the Seabreacher is positively buoyant, it needs speed in order to dive. This means the engine needs consistent air flow to breathe. The moment it dives too deep the engine’s air supply is cut off, the engine immediately loses power and the machine pops back up to the surface. 

Can they sink?

No, the hull is constructed with enough flotation that it will always remain buoyant and level, even if the cockpit and engine bay are fully flooded. The water level in the cockpit would not exceed mid-waist level in such a situation, so water could be easily pumped out and the vessel re-floated.

Is there a way to escape from the inside if necessary?

Yes, there are handles and emergency pull pins on both the outside and inside of the boat so it can always be opened; and our staff is well trained in accomplishing this task in a safe, expeditious fashion.

Can it capsize? What’s the maximum degree of rotation?

Yes, if the canopy is open and the machine rolls over, it is possible to capsize the vessel; but  very stable and will self right. The Seabreacher can be rolled over as much as you’d like with the canopy closed.

Can they operate in the ocean or surf?

They have been designed to operate in salt water as well as fresh water and are designed to handle moderate ocean conditions.

Do they leak?

The cockpit and engine bay are kept 100% watertight with the aid of inflatable aircraft seals. If the seals are not inflated there can be minor leaks, but any water in the boat is automatically pumped out via the automatic bilge pumps.

Will I feel scared or claustrophobic?

Each ride is tailored to your level of comfort and can be as extreme as you desire. Our pilots can give passengers an extreme ride if that’s what they’re looking for. Most people find the cockpit to be quite open feeling due to the large panoramic canopy and view ports. It is possible to operate the Seabreacher at full speed on the surface with the canopy in its open position if a rider feels claustrophobic.

Is it air conditioned?

The Seabreacher is not air conditioned. It is equipped with a vent fan that maintains constant air circulation throughout the cockpit. The canopy is also periodically opened throughout the ride to ensure each rider's comfort, as cockpit conditions do get hot.

Will I get wet?

Since we provide an aquatic thrill ride experience, we encourage riders to get wet! Your pilot will periodically open the canopy allowing air and water to enter the cockpit. At your request, the water entering the cockpit can range from a light mist to a refreshing cool-down.

Seabreacher Pilot Training - For 1

Miami, FL
United States


This experience is for 1 person
10 Hours

Don't miss out on

The ride of your life as our shark boat’s supercharged engine accelerates from 0 to 55 miles per hour in 3.9 seconds. Throw in leaps of up to 18 feet out of the water, dives up to 5 feet below the water, a low centre of gravity, 90’ degree rolls and a few doughnuts and you’re on a heart-pumping roller-coaster ride.

  • Experience Vouchers :
  • Valid for 12 months
  • Free exchange
  • 14 days refund
  • Our Price Guarantee
  • More details

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