Exhilarating Parasailing

No Experience Needed: Exhilarating Parasailing

Have you ever stood on a beach and watched an expensive power boat zoom past with someone parasailing behind? Isn’t it the coolest thing ever? Not only are they out over the water, they’re up in the air, flying like a bird, while everyone else just stands and stares enviously!

Would it surprise you to discover that you can go parasailing with absolutely no previous experience?

It’s true: you can sign up for a parasailing adventure without knowing anything about it. Experienced instructors will teach you the basics before they strap you into the harness and power away. Before you know it, you’ll feel the wing fill with air, start lifting you from the boat – and up you go, into the sky!

The Home of Parasailing

Much of modern parasailing’s equipment was invented by Mark McCulloh, right here in Miami, Florida! What better place to try your first parasailing experience than where it all began?

The winchboat that almost all modern parasailing companies use was invented by McCulloh. It’s awesome because you take off and land from the boat itself, instead of having to wait in the water, worry about falling off a platform, or get nervous about landing in the sea.

The technology is incredibly advanced, too. Both the US Military and NASA have used McCulloh’s parasailing designs as the foundation for training exercises, and even – in NASA’s case – to build attachments for their crew return vehicles (the pods in which astronauts return to Earth) that make sure everyone gets home safe.

Most winchboats can use multi-person parasailing setups just as easily as single-seater options. Some are even big enough to seat four or five people at one – and all you have to do is sit and enjoy the ride: the crew will handle everything else!

Fast and Furious… or Not!

The great thing about parasailing is that it offers different experiences. If you’re a bit of a speed freak, you can go single-seater parasailing and get the boat crew to push the throttle. You’ll float away from the boat gently, but once you reach the end of the tether, you’ll be in for a wild skyride! With the surf churning underneath you and the wind rushing past, you’ll feel like a Navy SEAL parachuting in on a dangerous mission.

If you’re more interested in a gentle ride that’s still exciting – and beautifully scenic – then a multi-seat parasailing gondola and less throttle are in order. Take a couple of friends, or just one special person, and float above the water, taking in the sights. Parasailing can take you up to 500 feet above water level, so there’s plenty to see!

The next time you’re near the beach in Florida – and especially in Miami – why not sign up for a unique parasailing experience? It’s like floating on air!