Zip Line Tours

Treetop Tarzan: Exploring with Zip Line Tours

Originally created out of necessity – for transporting people and goods across canyons, rivers and other natural obstacles – modern zip lines have an exciting, original experience to offer. Believe it or not, you can go on a zip line tour to visit beautiful places and experience the thrill of zooming through nature at the same time!

Zip lining is an amazing way to tour areas of incredible natural beauty. Sure, it’s great to walk under the canopy of a forest, to sit in a boat while you chug slowly through a rainforest, or struggle up and down rocky mountain paths on foot… but zip lining offers a completely different, totally unique experience.

Instead of viewing everything from the ground, you get to see it from the air, as if you were a super-sleek bird of prey, flying through the trees and over rivers in search of wildlife, enjoying the exhilaration of the air rushing past, the beauty of the vista laid out below you, and the thrill of being a hand’s breadth from nature on a super-fast zip line. Kids love the rush just as much as adults!

How Does Zip Lining Work?

A zip line tour is surprisingly simple, but uses modern technology to the extreme. The basic principle is easy: string a cable between two points – one higher than the other – then throw something over it so you can hold on, push off and let gravity do its job, whizzing you down from the high point to the low one.

Of course, there’s more to it than that. Sturdy, reliable technology is used in a modern zip line. Kids and adults will both use it, so it has to be completely secure and immensely strong. The trolley that carries you is also extremely advanced: a modern zip line tour uses either a t-shaped hand grip with a separate pulley running behind, to which you’re attached for safety, or a single heavy-duty trolley with a canvas loop or t-bar attached to make a seat, which you’re strapped to.

The pulleys have almost no friction, so you can build up impressive speed while zip lining, reaching 75mph on some of the world’s fastest and longest runs. Don’t worry – the trolleys have brakes!

Longer Than You Think

If you mention a zip line tour, most people will look at you as if you’re a bit strange. That’s because they think of zip lines as short runs in theme parks – maybe fifty or a hundred feet of zip line, kids whizzing down it, screaming as they go!

But many lines are a lot longer, reaching thousands of feet in length, and dropping from impressive heights. The longest in the world is almost 7,000 feet long! Even at high speed, it’s going to take you long enough to descend that you’ll get a great view over beautiful natural scenery, and if you go slower, you’ll have time to really take in the sights.

Fun For The Whole Family

Don’t make your zip line tour an adults-only activity. Even on a fast zip line, kids can go along and enjoy this exhilarating experience. Many zip line tour operators offer experienced guides to accompany younger kids, or special trolleys to hold a child and parent together.

With zip lining, you can easily take your kids with you and let them experience the adventure of flying high above the ground. Special zip line kids’ tours are also available, which may not be as extensive as those designed for adults, but are jam-packed with adventure and fun!