Miami Seaplane Tours

Amazing Airplanes: Miami Seaplane Tours

It’s one thing to see Miami on foot or from a boat, a jet ski, or a parasailing gondola up in the air behind a boat… but it’s so much better when you tour the Florida coast in a seaplane!

Seaplanes are normal airplanes in every respect, except one: they don’t land on the ground. Instead of having wheels and landing on a normal tarmac runway, seaplanes have floats – they take off from and land on the water instead, just like the one at the start of the old TV series, Fantasy Island!

Tours for Everyone

Even the takeoff and landing are memorable experiences, but Miami seaplane tours offer plenty of choice. You can hop into the plane and take a short 30-minute trip to see some of the most beautiful (and popular) coastline in the world, or you can go for an hour and visit more of the area, flying past and over amazing landmarks, stunning scenery, and prestigious real estate.

If you really want to go the whole hog, you can even spend a couple of hours in the air, touring the whole of the country – from the city and beaches to the wetlands and small islands, tropical scenery, and waterfront mansions that are the location for so many Hollywood movies.

Impossibly Romantic

If you’re visiting Miami with that special someone, seaplane tours can offer you something you will be hard pushed to match anywhere else. Instead of driving to your private – and very posh – island resort to enjoy each other’s company, why not arrive by seaplane, landing in the sea, and being met on the beach by hotel staff?

Want to achieve an impossibly romantic marriage proposal? A Miami seaplane tour does not have to fly full circle, returning where you started. You can have a charter seaplane deposit you at a waterfront venue out in the islands… where the chef has prepared a romantic meal, just for you!

Treat your special someone like they’re the most important person in the world, and give them something to turn their friends green with envy – Miami seaplane tours can do both at the same time!