Swimming with the Dolphins

Profound Nature: Swimming with the Dolphins

There’s something special about dolphins. Maybe it’s the fact that they are one of the most intelligent animals in the world. Maybe it’s because they’re endlessly playful. Or maybe it’s the way they communicate, appear to laugh and look like they have a permanent smile on their face!

A swimming dolphin is undoubtedly a beautiful sight, but these amazing animals are not selfish. They will happily lend their fluid strength to your once-in-a-lifetime experience, letting you tag along for the ride as they slip through the water. Don’t worry, there are no somersaults or jumping through hoops like their trained counterparts… at least not while you’re swimming with the dolphins!

Dolphin Therapy

There’s more to these aquatic mammals than just being cute: in all the places where you can go swimming with dolphins, you’ll hear stories of healing and profound inner peace.

Dolphins are perhaps best known for their apparent ability to understand human emotions – maybe even experiencing similar emotions themselves – and the way they communicate, both with each other and with us. On top of this, there’s something almost spiritual in the way these gorgeous creatures share their endless happiness with suffering humans.

A swim with dolphins (Florida or elsewhere) is a healing experience: they have been known to lift people from depression, ease serious mental health problems, and even encourage recovery from long-term physical ailments. A watery kiss and a flippery hug – swimming with dolphins is more than just getting wet next to one of nature’s greatest creations!

All sorts of people want to swim with dolphins. Florida – or more accurately Miami – is the most popular location, though there are others. The best place to swim with dolphins is, of course, somewhere with experienced instructors and a beautiful location!