Skydiving Miami

Feel The Rush: Skydiving, Miami

Throwing yourself out of a perfectly good airplane does not come naturally to most people. But when you consider the possibility of flying through the air, freefalling like a true extreme sportsperson, it becomes a lot more interesting.

With the possibility of diving from as high as 10,000 feet (that’s almost two miles straight down), and achieving speeds of up to 120mph in freefall, skydiving in Miami offers one of the biggest adrenaline rushes you will ever experience.

Beginners Welcome

If you’ve never jumped out of an airplane before and are, quite naturally, a little worried about the whole idea, there’s some good news: the first time you go skydiving, Miami professionals will go tandem with you.

This means that you fly to the jump point, where you are strapped to the front of an instructor. They sit in the doorway with you, you jump together and they take care of all the difficult stuff, like remembering to pull the parachute cord. All you have to do is enjoy the heart-pounding thrill of freefalling through clear Florida skies, with the wind rushing past and all of Miami laid out below you, then follow their instructions to land safely. Don’t worry – you’ll have plenty of practice before you jump!

Forever Memories

You might think of bringing a camera along on your Miami skydive, but you’re honestly better off leaving that to someone else. You’ll be far too busy enjoying the moment to worry about messing around with helmet-cams, focusing, or even figuring out where your friends are in the sky!

When you book a skydive, Miami professionals can make sure you have recorded memories of plummeting to earth – an experience skydiver will jump with your group and film your reactions as you go. All you have to do is feel the rush!

Why Skydiving in Miami?

When you skydive Miami, you’re not just enjoying the adrenaline of freefall and parachuting. The trip up to the jump point gives you an opportunity to see some of the most beautiful coastline in the world, from the extensive beaches to the city’s skyscrapers, the islands, the wetlands, and all those expensive luxury yachts that look tiny from up there in the sky. Skydiving Miami will leave you with some of the most amazing memories you can imagine!