Normally, you get into certain boats for certain reasons. For example, should you wish to explore the mighty Mississippi River, you would do best in an authentic wooden paddle steamer. If you wanted to ride over a waterfall and continue down the rapids, a kayak would be better suited for your purpose. If you wished to spend the day trawling for fish and sinking back a few beers while you do so, a motorboat or dingy would be your best bet. Just say you’re looking to impress and wow and bring envy to others as you ride down to the Bahamas in style, the 150 foot yacht would be your boat of choice. Or if you’re looking for a long journey up and down the coast, ocean cruise ships are an outstanding selection.

And all of those boating experiences are fine. There’s nothing wrong with them, really. There are times and places to trawl slowly over a pond, or cruise gently up a river, or even to cruise down to the Bahamas in style and luxury, but that’s not always what you’re looking for, is it? Sometimes you need to amp up the adrenaline, because if you’re looking to take a boat up to full throttle. If you crave being out on the open water and going as fast as you dare go...If you’re looking for authentic speed boat racing, you need only jump on one boat; the iconic, heritage-rich Cigarette Boat. This unique boat style is your only choice when it comes to racing boats and you’ll know why as soon as you hit the open waters and give this boat all she’s got.

You’re looking for a boating experience that you couldn’t top, so make sure to find a way to drop work, skip that luncheon, tell your wife you’ve come down with the man-flu…do whatever is necessary to rent one of the speed machines and head out on the open seas. Each rental is captained by an experienced Cigarette Boat driver and he’ll ensure that you don’t come back without needing to change your shorts. He’s the one who will take you to full speed, and ensure that you get back again in one piece, so be nice to him. Although he won’t need much encouragement to push this awe-inspiring boat to its limits, so hold on tight.

Each Cigarette boat comes with the essentials to enjoy a few hours on the ocean. A Captain, a fast engine, a seat to strap in…and that’s all you really need anyways. Once you hop in one of these offshore racing boats, you’ll realize you don’t need the complimentary champagne flute as you board. Nor will you have the ability to crack open a brew as you cruise past some beaches. Those fishing lines won’t do you any good as you fly past all the fishing spots in a blur.

All you’ll feel a need for, is the need for speed. So, get on board one boat that’s sure to take you the very edge.