I don’t know what your inspirations were. I don’t know what motivated you to look into it. Whether it was the TV special on Cirque Du Soleil that you managed to catch late one night. Or maybe it was your love of clowns, especially Fizzbo from the Modern Family series, and how they can bring so much joy to people. Or maybe it was that you have inherited some extremely flexible genes from your mother and you now have the desire to put them to better use than as a party trick on a Saturday night.

What better activity for me to bring up than the wonder that is circus training. This isn’t just circus school for kids, with mats and tumbling and foam pits. This is real life, actual, circus school. This is the chance to learn the skills and to build up the strength as you participate in this fun activity. Circus training is the only way you’ll get to learn such skills as aerial tumbling, hoop aerobics, contortion and even a unique take on yoga, suspended in hammocks.

Circus training is so unlike anything else that you’ll have difficulty describing your experience to your friends. Once you learn club juggling, and foot locks on the aerial ribbons, and flexibility and balance training, you won’t be able to compare to anything else you’ve ever tried. Where else you learn these skills from actual circus professionals? And if you think your skills are up to par, you could even be given the chance to audition for a real-life circus troupe. How many people can say they are part of a troupe? I’m sure it’s way less than 40% of the population, for sure.

Circus training is an incredible amount of fun. You will wonder where your day went having spent it on the apparatus, spinning, whirling and flipping all over the gym. And speaking of gym, the circus school is also a great workout. Circus training requires serious flexibility and agility and to perform some of the seemingly simple maneuvers, you’ll need to be in peak physical shape as well. So as you spin on ribbons from the rafters, ride the unicycle from one end to other and hold contortion poses, you’ll be building up muscles, improving your balance and improving your health. And you thought it was simply a chance for you to have fun.

Circus school for kids is also a great chance for your young ones to get involved on the fun too. You can organize a day out for them to learn some of the basic ground skills involved and even become the envy of all other school moms with your one of a kind birthday party events. Your kids will have a blast playing at all the different aspects of what makes running away to the circus still so appealing. Who knows, they might even discover a hidden talent for riding a unicycle or juggling bowling pins. And where else would you get the chance to figure this out? Circus training!

So step up, step up, old and young, and come on down to the circus (training) and step into the spotlight!