So, you’ve arrived at another Saturday night. You’re out with your friends and you’re having a good time. Or maybe you’re just a night in with a few people and doing some quieter celebrating, watching the game and having a few cold ones. Sure, your drink of choice might be a local micro-brew or even a fancy Shiraz, and those are good for some occasions. But what about those times when you want to get truly fancy? What about finding an occasion to break out the shot glasses or the martini shakers or the ice crusher and mint bruiser? This is a chance to acknowledge everyone’s genuine love for the drinks. Who amongst us doesn’t love to imbibe every now and then?

Well, I have just found the best way to for you and some of your closest buddies to all get together for your number one pastime. Nope, not tailgating at the high school football game, that’s just weird. No, I’m talking about enrolling in a cocktail making course. Classy, right? Yeah, I know! This is the chance for you to look good for organizing such a suave and sophisticated event. This is your opportunity to hire your own private bar tender and rink mixer to teach you the classic and timeless art of mixing cocktails. Yes, you are one classy, sly, son of a gun.

The cocktail course is honestly quite a stylish event . The well-experienced barman will see to it that your group gets to know all the major varieties of alcohol and what they’re used for. You get to have a go at making all your own concoctions and learn the proper way to mix some of the classics. Need a mojito? Coming right up, sir! Want to impress the ladies by single handedly mixing up a Cosmopolitan? Why not? Want to impress with a classic Bourbon and Branch? Go for it. You’ll also get to try your hand at some new twists on the classics you all know and love. Martinis, Highballs, shots, daiquiris, you’ll be able to get the basics down on all of them and from there, the sky’s the limit. You’re going to have a great cocktail making experience as you put together some of the world’s most widely loved drinks. And you get to drink them yourself too. Double win.

By the end of your course, you’ll be able to even pour a drink, while tossing it in the air, effortlessly flipping over your head and landing it perfectly over top of the waiting glass, pouring a perfect shot, before setting it alight and serving a “Flaming Moe” to your friends (NB: May not be entirely true). What is entirely true is that you and your friends will have a fantastic time at this one of a kind event. Bottoms up!