It has been said that if you’re going to be doing something for the rest of your life, take the time to do it right. And there’s a fair chance you will be eating for the rest of your life. And unless scientists finally develop those food replicators from Star Trek, you’ll have to find ways to improve on your cooking. Might I suggest a cooking class to take you through even just some of the basic dishes. Having a repertoire of 5-6 dishes is truly makes a great home cook. The cooking class isn’t just meant for those foodies who fill their Instagram feeds with brunch pics and quinoa salads. You might be tempted to think that the cooking class is for those who have a clue what’s going on in the kitchen. But, the cooking class can also be for those of you who aren’t as literate in the kitchen.

If you were sure a colander is a type of lizard, you mix up your linguine and your zucchini, if you think marscapone is a famous crime family from the 40’s, then you, my friend should consider a healthy cooking class to spice up your meal times. You can choose any variety of class that suits you. There are Italian cooking classes for those paizzanos amongst you. There are Thai cooking classes for those who need a little heat in their pan. You could always consider a couples cooking class for that upcoming date. What a sly romantic guy you are.

 Whatever you choose, your cooking class will be led by someone who is passionate about food and about the creation of new and incredible dishes, right in your pan. You will learn about fresh new ingredients, using your kitchen properly and food preparation and planning. You’ll be guided in the chopping and preparation of the ingredients. With some vegetarian cooking classes, you might also be able to buy the ingredients at a local market before taking back to the kitchen. The best thing about taking a cooking class is, by seeing how easy someone else makes it, it seems doable. It seems that you could be the one buying the fresh ingredients, chopping and slicing, marinating and sauteeing, flipping and frying. By the end of your cooking class, you will be the one cracking eggs one-handed, using phrases like “mise en place”, and producing dynamic dishes with the best of them. Yes, you could even become quite the foodie yourself, birthing a new passion for what’s in your fridge and on your plate

And just like any other class, the end of this class involves a test. But this is the best part, because it’s the taste test. You get to eat what you’ve been working so hard to create. Go ahead, taste that tiramisu, sample that sorbet and gobble that cobbler. It’s time to take your cooking skills to the next level, even if that means taking it from 0 to 1. Hey, 1 is a level.