It’s becoming more and more popular a phenomenon that video games are being used as introductions into real world activities. Many racing drivers will play their actual tracks on their gaming consoles, memorizing the turns and the apex points. First person shooters are being used in military training to develop hand-eye coordination at no cost of ammunition or risk involved. And this is nothing new. Because for one profession, it has been a requirement for many years to undertake video game training. This is the realm of the real flight simulator, in a sense, the first of its kind to introduce real-world training in the confines of a safe and secure environment. This is what the actual pilots of your flights will have sat through in their own training. And now, it’s become available to you.

Sure, it’s easy enough to get your flight simulators online, basically just small versions of a game that can introduce you to flying. But what can compare to those video games when you get behind the wheel…erm, stick of a full-sized cockpit training simulator. This real flight simulator replicates everything about the actual plane’s controls and instruments. This is no video screen on a smartphone. This is as close to actually flying the DreamLiner or the 747 as you can get. You basically get to be the pilot for a day (Hat may not be included). Many of the available simulators are even suspended on hydraulic struts, giving you the actual feeling of flying in air whilst safely on the ground.

These hi-tech simulators give real world pilots the chance to train for every possibility in the air without ever having to rack up costly flying hours. This same simulator can now provide you with the experience many do not get to have by putting you in that seat. You’ll be able to practice take-offs, adverse weather flight, course directions, alternating flight patterns and landings on a variety of surfaces and conditions. You might even get the chance to get the head hostess to get you a coffee while you inform the passengers of the flight time and weather of their destination. These real flight simulators are so realistic, you’ll forget you aren’t actually 30,000 feet in the air.

As you take-off into the prevailing winds, you’ll watch through your windows the scenery drop beneath you as you climb through the clouds. Where are you going today? Hong Kong? Sydney? Amarillo? Hey, it’s a simulator, you choose whatever you want. You’ll be able to get a feel for just how sensitive the thrust is and how precise these pilots need to be in the air. Never again will you complain about air travel, nor feel the need to download one of those puny online versions of simulators. And only too soon will you find yourself on the ground again, literally and figuratively, and looking for the next chance to take off into the wild blue yonder.