Not many people know this about me. Most don’t know my story of when I was young. My family was part of a travelling circus and we were always on the tightropes, the nets, but most excitingly, the trapeze. Most other kids my age would attend normal school, learning normal things, but I got to attend flying school, learning about rope maintenance and proper tumbling technique. My circus school was infinitely more interesting and fun than any other kid I ever met. I would get to do all sorts of exciting things, meet some crazy, interesting people, and I learned many things I would have never had the chance to learn otherwise. The circus was all that I knew. That’s when I met a man by the name of Bruce Wayne who brought me home, adopted me, and trained me in the art of crime fighting.

Ok, I might be confusing myself with Robin, but my point is that there seems to be a direct link between his ability on the trapeze and just how cool a backstory that is. The reality being that being up on the trapeze is indeed an incredibly cool experience to have. They say that the circus trapeze is a “mountain with no top” because there is always more to learn, to do, to try and to love about this exercise.

I can say that the trapeze is an experience that is safe and fun for people of all types, not just for orphaned young boys. While the data is still unclear as to whether billionaire playboys do much of their recruiting at these aerial classes, I can still offer the recompense that you will be fully exhilarated at this small cross-section of circus training. You’ll appreciate the work that goes behind the scenes to ensure that you have a fun day out on the ropes. You’ll spend time with seasoned professionals who will take all precautions for you and demonstrate the safety of their rigging, being sure you understand all the safety regulations and precautions that stand behind you before you start to fly. And because you won’t get up on those swings without being fully confident in the staff and their equipment, they will do all they can to ensure that when you go up, you’ll come down in pretty much the exact condition.

You’ll be able to experience the same highs as the real circus performers you’ve to watch. You’ll be able to pick up the bar with one hand, wave to the crowd (Crowd not provided) and leap off from the platform, ready to meet your partner halfway across the great expanse between the two sides. Sound like something you could find yourself doing? At least willing to give it a try? Good because once you give the aerial arts a try, the only thing you will be thinking is how soon can I get up and do it again.

I wouldn’t want to be “Robin” you of this incredible experience up on the high wires. Make sure you take a flying leap as soon as you can and join your next trapeze lesson near you