I’ll let you in on a little secret most men like to keep to themselves. This might cause me some loss of status, and maybe I’ll lose my own “man card”, but I think you should be aware of this one thing. I think you should know about the real reason men go to play golf. You will see, on any given weekend, or even weekday for those lucky few, groups of men, out together on a green, or teeing up a ball in front of a beautiful fairway. You might be tempted to think that these men really love the game. You might wonder why so many men enjoy the game however. Do they truly love the outdoors? Do they love the well-manicured lawns and the smell of grass that much? Do they really have such a deep affinity for getting little white balls into little white cups? The truth? Here it comes…

No. These men aren’t in love with the game. They aren’t infatuated with improving their score and swing. These men have found the perfect excuse to get a chance to get together, having a great time hanging out as a bunch of guys. They’ve realized that no wife will ever ask about their handicap, or their drive on the 14th hole, or what club they used to get the birdie. These men have found their own private club (pun completely intended) where they can relax and enjoy some “man bonding” time.

Now, if you by chance, find yourself on the outer of this group, and you have been looking to get some buddy time with your friends, maybe it’s time you look at taking your own private golf lessons or beginner golf lessons. This golf lesson will give you the chance to learn the skills and appear to all the world to be a competent golf player, using words like ‘bogie’ and ‘sand play’ and ‘divot’. You will learn the skills to deliver a great drive, perfect your putting and intelligently select your irons. This is all well and good, but it serves you a greater purpose, by giving you a reason to go on a Saturday morning, drop all garden chores for the day and spend a few hours on the greens with a few of your best buds. By spending time with a golf pro, he can teach you all the necessary skills to look and act the part of a real golfer. Now it’s time to head out and test your new skills. Taking this course will also give you the excuse reason to book a foursome with your pals, grab a cart and play a few holes, away from all the stresses and worries of your life.

Girls, this secret is for you too. Need an excuse to get him out of the house? This alone time will benefit you too. Enroll him today in his golf lesson for beginners and give yourself some much needed “me time”. What’s that? They even have golf lessons for kids? Fore!