Have you dreamt of flying through the air, with the wind pulling around you and world far below you? Have you always wondered what it would be like to jump off a high precipice with nothing but thin layers of nylon to support you, looping you into the wind while you observe the ground below? 50 years ago, I would’ve said you were plum out of luck, fine fellow. But today, I can offer you the experience to learn hang gliding. Hang gliding is completely wind powered, as you’re suspended beneath a fixed wing, ultra-light glider. You’re basically flying yourself in an oversized kite.

If there seems to be one item on everybody’s bucket list, it’s the chance to go hang gliding and experience this thrilling sport at least once in their lives. And for hang gliding, Miami is one of the ultimate destinations you can look for. To learn to hang glide seems like daunting task, but there are many schools around the region that offer you a comprehensive course from start to finish. By taking these pilot training programs, you’ll develop the skills necessary to take these crafts into the air. This is one

Safety is the number one concern, of course, and you’ll start your day by spending time with the instructors, who you’ll soon realize are just as mad as you are. Mad about the sport, I mean. Whether your first time or not, you’ll run though all the procedures and safety concerns that are applicable on the hang glider. Safety is the first, second and third concerns of all who are involved in this sport. Because they all know that after you get that part right, the real fun begins

After all of that safety, you’ll be suited up and given the chance to take off and fly your very own glider. Even if you’re still not feeling as adventurous as you first thought, you can always go hang gliding tandem style with someone else who might just have a bit more experience than you do. It helps.

This will be a rush. Although your sanity may be in question, your thrills will be met. Your adrenal gland will kick into high gear as you launch for the first time and catch an updraft, soaring over the beaches and bayous, the fields and the farms far below you. Given the right conditions you could stay up for hours, catching thermal updrafts as you soar higher and higher. You could even travel across country for dozens of miles in the air. You’ll soon realize that this is no over-sized kite. Hang gliding has advanced to include many instruments and technology to make the experience safer more fun and much more satisfying.

The rest of the world will have a lazy Saturday this week, doing nice, safe things like mowing the lawn, lazing by the pool, and reading the newspaper. Just imagine the looks on people’s face as you tell them how you spent the weekend, learning to hang glide Miami.