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 This isn’t your average experience. Horse riding, which was once a way of life and a required means of transport, has now become something we leave to the history books. Those days have passed, right? We have newer and faster ways to get from A to B. There do exist people in this day and age who ride their own horses across streams and over fields, ranching and rounding up the cattle, using the horse the way we have always used them. But they know a secret. Riding a horse is so much more than simply getting yourself from one place to the next. This is the true interpretation of the journey is just as important is the destination.

To have your very own horse back riding experience is like nothing else. You might think that you never loved horses, that that was just for a certain sort of folk. But when you get up close to these majestic animals, you will change your mind, I guarantee it.

You can opt to have a horse ride through the countryside, an option offered by many of the riding companies out there. This is geared towards the more experienced riders who can handle the several hours in the saddle most aren’t accustomed to. Guys, I’m looking at you for this one. Saddle soreness is no laughing matter. For those of you who just want to slow down and keep in stride with the land, this is the place for you to be. These horse rides enable you to see nature the way it was meant to be enjoyed, sitting 12 feet in the atop a beast only marginally restrained from bucking you off while you Instagram pictures of your saddle, the stirrups, the mane of your horse, and all while choosing the appropriate filter to post.

Maybe you ideal horse riding experience is more suited to the farm tours you can take. This allows you to not only ride the horse, but take part in its maintenance, grooming, bridle and saddle care and many other tasks not often experienced by the more casual rider. The instructors can show you the ways of the horse and soon you and Mr. Ed will become fast friends as you learn all about horsemanship and horse care.

Maybe full sized horses aren’t for you, and you’d be more interested in the ponies. You can take advantage of the pint-sized Palominos or the small stallions and enjoy a pony ride through the farm and countryside. These ponies will delight both you and your young ones as you take an easy ride around the track.

Horseback riding lessons will take you from the inexperienced novice you are to the Olympic jumper you know you can be, set on taking the world by storm. (NB: This may take more than one lesson) Horse riding is not the thrills and chills most people want on their bucket lists, but the gentle power of the horse will convince you that this is one experience that can’t be missed.