There is, and always will be, plenty of activities to choose in and around Miami. But when in the area, you simply can’t ignore the clear waters, beckoning you to adventures that are beyond the scope of what you can see. Just over the horizon, you can find incredible destinations, such as Key West, Nassau, Bimini and all the Keys to explore that you can.

But how, pray tell, will you get there? Drive? Nuh-uh, honey. You can’t drive across the seas. Fly? Puh-lease. If you’re going to visit these destinations, you need to arrive in style. No, I’m thinking more along the lines of 150+ft luxury yacht, captained and crewed by its own experienced staff, who are accustomed to serving your every whim. Now, that’s more like it. You can get used to this.

And so if you’re looking to make an entrance or simply are looking to indulge yourself and a few friends with a custom made chartered trip, take this once in a lifetime opportunity to charter your own luxury yacht.

These luxury sailing yachts can be chartered to destinations of your choosing, or can accommodate a tour of the islands or the Keys, or even down to the Caribbean for some serious island hopping. The staff will always be helpful and accommodating, but if you have the destination in mind, they can arrange it for you. The luxury motor yachts each come with their own staff on board who will see to it that you eat what want, go where you want, do what you want as you indulge yourself just this once. They can assure you, everything will be perfect.

Now, as for making an entrance and just inducing the envy of all envies amongst those who see you show up, you can’t beat the luxury yacht rental as an option to pass by. You will certainly make a splash (pun intended) when you arrive in each port in your custom fitted out vessel. It’s hard to miss the 200 foot yacht pulling in to the marina. Everyone will be craning their necks to see just who it is getting off this amazing ship.

So, if you’re looking for something a little less extravagant, but you don’t want it to seem that way, then you can even customize your very own dinner cruise. This is a smaller, more intimate affair among all your friends, or for that extremely important corporate event. Take this boat up and down the coast, and do what it’s meant to do, showing off while you and your company dine on food created just for you by the world class chefs aboard in the kitchen, or the galley, I should say. Yes, you’ll need to get your nautical terms down pat before you board. Soon enough, you’ll have your sea-legs and you won’t ever want to go back on dry land. So, where will you charter your next luxury yacht rental? A Turkey yacht charter? A Mediterranean maritime adventure? I say, any place where the water is warm, the beers are cold and the work is not. Ahoy!