The best racing experience can be found right here, in our own backyard. No need to travel to Le Mans to watch a 24 hour race. Don’t bother visiting the Isle of Mann for your racing fix. No need to go all the way to Monaco, or Hong Kong or Brazil. No, the most exciting and action packed racing experience can be found right here, homegrown from some eye-opening roots. Yes, the NASCAR race has grabbed the title of being America’s most popular source of motor racing.

NASCAR racing has an interesting past that maybe many aren’t aware of. It originates from stock car racing, which came from the moonshiners who would bootleg their merry and mirth across the country and drive small, lightweight cars in order to outrun the police. And in spite of its backstory, or some would say because of it, the NASCAR race has become the second widely most televised sport in the US. The events, although held mostly in the south, are seen across the country and beamed out to 150 countries. At least, that’s what they’re willing to tell you. Whether there are people in those countries who actually watch it, is a different story.

But you know the sport, you’ve followed the epic battles between legendary drivers. You know the pit crews, the sponsorships and the cars that have become national treasures themselves. And now you want to drive one. Normally, this is the point where I would tell you to get lost. But modern advancements have allowed me instead to point in a direction you could go. You can now indulge your, once unrealized, desires to take your very own test drive in a NASCAR car on a NASCAR track. You actually have a whole range of NASCAR race packages that you can enjoy, from simple track tours where you get be on the actual arena where fierce battles were once waged, to the more adventurous ride-along packages, where you get driven out in the car with an experienced driver will give you real thrill of taking these cars at the real speeds you’re accustomed to seeing them travel at. And for the serious enthusiast, you can take a course all about the car and racing safety, culminating in you taking your very own car out on to the track. This is the point where you get to actually relive all those moments you’ve grown up watching and enjoying. Adventurous spirit encouraged. Change of underwear required.

You might not be the next NASCAR podium winner. You might not make pole position or pull some incredible move on turn 8, but you certainly can now imagine now what it would feel like. You might not ever set foot on the turf for football, you might never step up to the mound and pitch a fastball to strike out the opposing side in baseball. But now you can claim the satisfaction of jumping in your very own NASCAR race machine and it’s you that’s part of the action on the track. Burn some rubber!