The freedom to travel anywhere in the world is an exciting thing. In a matter of a few short hours, you could be in the middle of a culture that once required months of travel to reach. You can hop across different states, countries continents in hours, not days. You could even visit several countries in one day should you want. The freedom to travel however is not entirely free.

It comes at the cost of airline travel. I suppose it all started in the 80’s when every second stand-up comic would rehash the same joke. “So, have you tried this airline food?” The joke is so bad now, it’s a cliché. However, that seems to have started the public’s disdain for air travel. And it hasn’t gotten any better. From trying to understand the complex system of excess luggage fees (What? You mean if I’m wearing 13 pounds of clothes, that’s no problem. But If I pack an extra 12oz in my bag, you’re going to charge $200?!), to dealing with tight, confined spaces, to the food, which actually has improved. And then there’s the customs staff, the security screening, the immigration and arrivals to deal with, lost luggage, delayed flights, cancelled flights. And not only that, can you believe flight used to be an event that people would dress up for? Suits and pressed trousers were the standard on flights of old. Now you would stand up as being overdressed in your yoga pants and crocs. Yes, it’s not like it used to be.

But it can be. You can find flights where the experience is not horrendous, but it is actually, dare I say it, enjoyable. You can find airline travel to be a wonder and joy again. That is, if you charter a private jet. No longer is this only within the reach of basketball team owners and oil magnates. You, too, can arrive at the airport, steer clear of the masses you’ll find at the check in counter and make your way to own private jet rental, taking you to whatever destination you see fit. Is this an indulgence, you might ask? Never mind how I read your mind, I just knew you were going to ask it. Sure, it’s an indulgence but private jet hire is not as out of reach as you might think. With the demand for better service in the skies and a more comfortable journey, chartered jets are becoming available to those who would seek it out. And it’s much more customizable to your life now too. Many private jet companies offer an allowance of flying hours you purchase that can be used at any time, and often within as little as 10 hours’ notice to whatever destination you need.

And so, for once, you can finally experience life in the skies as it was meant to be enjoyed, from the patent leather seat, sipping Chardonnay while the executive chef prepares your Maine Lobster bisque as you travel to Butte, Montana. Hey, if you can’t do anything about your destination, at least your flight was enjoyable.