Have you ever noticed how Hollywood seems to be churning out nothing new, but instead they rehash the old stuff? It seems to be that the only criteria for a movie these days is that if you recognize the name of something, then that would make a good movie. Plot? What’s that? Characters? Sure, I suppose, if you really want them. It seems that just about anything can be made into a movie, so long as you already know the title. I’m looking at you, Battleship. And you Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Although The Lego Movie was a fine bit of entertainment. I’ll give it that.

But I think the best way for something to be interesting is the newness of it. The movies that stick out in your mind are the ones that do something new, and give you an unexpected turn of events. I think this is what makes the most interesting people too. People who don’t do what everyone else is doing, and who, when you get to know them, you find they’re into something unique, something fun, something interesting. Maybe it could be time for you to do something that other people will take notice of. And people will certainly want to hear more when you tell them you’ve just taken up rock climbing. I mean, what’s the percentage of people who rock climb? It’s gotta be way less than 60%, right? So, right away you’ll find yourself doing something that the majority of people haven’t even considered. Look at you and your thirst for adventure! I want to hear more about you already!

As with most classes, rock climbing starts out all of its beginners on the rock climbing wall. This is the wall with a numerous amount of hand holds and foot holds all over its surface. And this rock wall is the easiest way to take someone right from beginner all the way to hanging upside down, leaping for the next cleft with both hands. It also happens to incredibly accessible too for anybody looking to get in on it. And because you’re with the experienced and fully-certified experts training you every step of the way, you can practice moves like these without fear that comes with real rock climbing. Everybody is in full harness and properly trained in the way, not only in climbing, but in understanding the equipment you’ll be using.

Enrolling in the next available rock wall climbing course will do more than provide a fun experience in a safe atmosphere, you’ll also be able to start to get some definition in that upper body of yours. So, according to my count, not only to you get to impress that certain someone with your new found skills you’ll also have the body to back it up with. That’s a double win in my books.

So if you’re indulging your next adrenaline fix, or you just want to see what it’s all about, get over to your closest rock wall climbing course and on belay? Belay on!