Have you ever dreamt about being in the movies? Sure you have. You’ve wondered what it would be like to be a part of the glitterati. You always wanted a taste of life in front of the camera and all that goes along with it. There might only be a couple obstacles in your way however, like your lack of dashing good looks or your inability to portray emotion on cue. Or to act at all for that matter. Minor obstacles, really. But what if there was a way to experience what life could be like in the movies? What if you were the one who was on camera, your work up on that big screen? You could enroll in a stunt driving course and you could be the one driving in the next big summer action thriller. The fame, the fortunes, the lights…you could working alongside people who have all those things. Yes, all because of stunt driving.

Ok, that’s all a bit of a fantasy, but that shouldn’t deter you from enrolling in a stunt driving course and hopping in your very own stunt car. Driving around the course with the smoke flying off your tires and the brakes screeching as you careen around the corners never felt so good. The career might be fantasy, but the fun is real. In fact, enrolling in this course could turn out to be one of the best experiences you’ve ever had in a car, not counting that one time you got to second base with Mindy in high school in the back your El Camino. So, maybe the best day experience you can have in a car.

The course starts out by unlearning everything you’ve learnt about driving. It turns out that most people have some horrible habits when they get behind the wheel. Not you, of course, but most other people. But this time in the classroom with your mentors “senseis of the circuit” will prove to be invaluable as you pick up some serious knowledge about the car you’ll soon be pushing to the limits. You’ll be able to pick up new steering techniques, new understanding about how certain functions of your car can be better used, and by the end, you’ll be itching to get on to the track.

The track is, of course, where you’ll have the most serious learning, and the most serious fun too. You’ll start off understanding the handling of your new stunt driving car, and will get to practice wet and dry track situations. But the real world applications end there as you get into more difficult procedures such as high-speed reverse 180’s, horseshoe maneuvering, handbrake intersections, sliding parallel parking and other extremely cool stunts. I’m not saying you’ll come out of the course being able to balance your car on two wheels as you negotiate tight alleyways, but I’m not NOT saying that either. Would you settle for being able to slide across the hood, Starsky and Hutch style?

This stunt driving course will turn out to be the one item you wish you had put on your bucket list twice.