The Ocean. We attempt to go out and she keeps on turning us back. There are currents and tides that shift and change with wild unpredictability. She holds the power that is still untapped at its depths. And speaking of depths, we know less about the bottom of our ocean than even about the surface of the moon. Not to mention the creatures that claim the ocean as their home are as vast and unfamiliar as anything Hollywood can conjure up. Yes, the ocean is a wild thing. But with the wild, it also provides the good. We have been able to tame the ocean at times. Yes, it may throw waves upon our lands, but those waves can be enjoyed and ridden for pleasure. We have taken what was once feared and revered, and we have made it a sport.

Surfing is a sport that captures the imaginations of many nations all over the world, from the South Africans to the Australians to the French, the Indonesians, the Brazilians and we Americans certainly give the sport a good crack. This sport has grown to become a pastime for entire generations and whole cultures have sprung from its inception long ago. But maybe when you go to surf in Miami Beach, all you can manage to do is body surf a few swells and maybe paddle out only to get thrown off again. You just haven’t had the chance to learn how to really take your water play to a new level.

Luckily for you, there are many places to surf Miami and many places that offer you surf lessons to do just that. Even from just the experimenting beginner or the timid novice, there is a school for you to learn to master the art of “hanging ten”. And no, that doesn’t mean hanging with 10 year olds. If all you want to do is surf Miami Beach, but you haven’t even got the faintest idea of where to go or how to start, the surf school is the place to start. It can take you out on your first board and beginning at the very basics, work you up to riding your first wave all by yourself. The feeling of standing on the board for the first time is a thrill that will last you for the whole day. And then, after that, you’ll even be taken off the beach and into the ocean. You didn’t think this was all going to be on the sand, did you?

Yes, you’ll be riding the crests, watching the swells and checking the tide charts before you know it because you’ve been able to pick up all your skills at the surf school. This experience will be one that lasts with you for quite a while. And yes, dude, the lingo is also thrown in as well. So, take up your board, put on your wetsuit and hit the waves with your newfound enthusiasm for this worldwide sport.