Mother’s Day is the perfect day to show your love and appreciation for the women who has always been your number one fan. She might not expect anything other than a card, but why not go the extra mile and really do something, exciting, memorable and thoughtful for Mothers Day this year. Here are some gift ideas that will be exciting, relaxing and even adventurous.

Spa Treatments

When was the last time your mom was pampered from head to toe? Maybe she would love to let go of her day-to-day schedule and take the entire day off with you and head to the spa for some special treatment. Getting a manicure, pedicure or massage is not only extremely relaxing; it’s beneficial for your health! You will be able to share some champagne and chocolates, smell soothing scents, listen to some calming music and put all cares aside. You and your mom will be able to unwind, loosen up those muscles and feel amazing emotionally and physically.

Cooking Class

Another great Mothers Day gift idea is to take part in a cooking class together. There’s an inner world-class chef side to everyone and it’s time to bring it out. Cooking is a therapeutic and enjoyable way to spend time learning something new together, overcome a challenge, enhance your cooking skills and become inspired by your new creations. It also has its health benefits. You will be able to learn all about how to fuel your body in the right way and learn about variety, balance and moderation. The best part about learning how to cook a new dish is that every time you recreate the delicious meal you made on Mothers Day, it will bring back the fun memories of the day you learned how to cook it together.

Art Class

Similar to a cooking class, taking an art class together also has incredible benefits. You will be able to express your creative side, discover any hidden artistic talents and abilities, and enhance your well being by having a positive experience with someone you love. When you are finished with your masterpiece, you will be able to hang it up on your wall and every time you see it, it will be a reminder of the enjoyable and fun experience that the two of you had together.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is another great idea for a Mothers Day gift. Horseback riding is a terrific stress reliever with the added benefit of getting some fresh air. It will help you learn to overcome challenges together, get some low impact exercise and find companionship with your friendly horse and your mom.

This Mothers Day, think about taking the time together to grow, foster and deepen your relationship. By choosing a gift that involves an activity and experiencing something new, you will be opening the door for more interesting conversations as well as grow your bond and create and share some marvelous stories for years to come.