Is it that time of year again to get your employees together for another team building experience? The purpose of a team building day is to get to know each other better, build trust, foster communication, reinforce company values and improve morale. You can still achieve these goals and have group activities that are fun and exciting at the same time.

Why not break team building day traditions and get out of the office and experience an adventure together? Here are some creative ways to have a meaningful, memorable and effective team building experience.

Get Out of the Office!

First of all, get everyone out of the office. Getting out of the office will help your staff keep their minds free from worrying about the work that is piled up on their desk. They will be in cheerful moods when they can put work-mode behind them for the day. They will also be more willing to let out the goofy side of their personalities and let loose.

Share the Invite and Plan Early!

If you let your employees know about your upcoming team building day and give a few details about something new, exciting and fun that they will get to experience, your office will be buzzing with curiosity and good vibes up until the day of the activity.

Here are some great ideas to help your next team building day be enjoyable!

Why not try a boat charter, day cruise, or whale watching? These are perfect ways to relax on the open water, have a wonderful meal, view the sunset and just forget about the rest of your worries. The majority of people have never seen a giant yet, majestic whale only a few feet away from them. Imagine seeing one of these beautiful creatures? You will never want to stop talking about how marvelous the experience was!

Do you have some thrill seekers among the group?

Maybe plan out a jet-skiing adventure. If your staff is craving more adrenaline seeking experiences why not push the limits and try skydiving together. Experiencing different emotions with others such as, butterflies in the stomach, excitement and happiness, helps to bring people closer together.

Paintball or laser tag would also be a great way to build trust among employees. It will require them to work in teams, come up with strategies, and try to avoid getting shot while still enjoying the adrenaline rush, the thrill and feeling like a kid again!

Using any of the activities previously mentioned, combined with our company’s ability to help you build an invaluable strong team, your business will thrive. If you decide an activity filled day isn’t suitable, we can still plan a team building day that will be more low-key, but exciting, beneficial and most of all, fun!

It’s time to create long lasting memories, have fun with your coworkers and be adventurous on your next team building day. Your employees will always be ready and excited for the next one!