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You Can Dance: What Dance Classes Can Do For You

How many times have you watched a film where the hero and heroine dance and – seemingly without any training – glide smoothly and beautifully together, their steps perfectly synchronized? How many times have you been to a club and watched enviously from your spot by the bar as the cool crowd take to the floor and flaunt their apparently innate sense of rhythm? Chances are, those people have all taken dancing classes!

Dancing is a great way to exercise and turn your excess energy into something positive. At the same time, you can improve your coordination and get to know your body better. Whether you have a taste for ballroom-style adult dance classes, line dancing classes, or even an acrobatic pole dance class, the benefits of shaking your booty should not be underestimated!

Something for Everyone

Although dance classes for toddlers and kids are often much easier to find, the current resurgence in interest in dancing – sparked by all those glitzy TV shows – has made it much easier to find dancing classes for any age, skill level and style.

The options are incredibly varied. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner looking for street dance classes, an experienced line dancer who wants to expand their horizons by taking Latin dance classes, or even an enthusiastic parent who wants to relive their 80s dream of break dancing! Classes for children, toddlers, adolescents, adults and seniors are all widely available.

Work on Your Social Skills

Dancing classes are all about having fun and getting to know your body better, but they’re also a great social activity for you and your kids. Whether you take sexy salsa dancing classes or accompany your kids to their ballet dance classes, you will be in a room with like-minded people. Get to know them, build strong ties and work on your social skills as well as your footwork!

Dancing With Friends and Loved Ones

Who says dance classes are tedious and lonely? If you are not in the mood to join a bunch of strangers, get your friends or work colleagues to join you. You’ll probably want to avoid inviting the balding company accountant to a pole dance class, but adult dance classes in contemporary styles or for fitness are good for everyone.

Speaking of fitness, dancing classes are an excellent way to improve your health. If you have trouble working up the motivation to hit the gym, even with friends and work colleagues to encourage you, consider dancing instead. It’s surprisingly energetic, especially if you choose contemporary dance classes or (for the less adventurous types who think they will look silly) something that doesn’t require too much individual creativity, like line dancing classes. Get a group to sign up and you’ll all notice a difference in your energy levels, mood, and even your waistlines!

For young couples, why not take some ballroom dancing lessons? They’re incredibly romantic, teach you a lot about your partner, help you bond, and are a great excuse to spend time holding each other. You’ll also gain a seriously cool skill to flaunt when you go out with friends – keep it a secret and make them jealous when you surprise them with skills learned in your summer dance classes!

Coordination and Confidence

Dancing classes are a great way to improve your coordination and confidence. And that goes double for your kids! If they’ve been sitting in front of the TV or their video games console a little too much, but love to jig around when they hear the current chart-topper, why not offer them the opportunity to burn their energy and expand their horizons at the same time?

Going to a dance class for kids is a great way for your children to improve their motor skills and sense of rhythm, to meet new friends, and to learn about how their body moves. Although ballet dance classes are the traditional choice for little girls, the modern world offers many more opportunities for children to dance and does not make gender judgments. Boys and girls can all enjoy ballet, modern dance classes, street dancing, line dancing, or a dozen other dance classes for children.

The added confidence and coordination they learn will serve them well as they grow up, and the dancing classes you offer your kids will also improve their communication and socialization skills.

Music and Fun

Dancing should never be a chore, and you should never feel embarrassed simply because other people seem to dance better than you. By taking a few adult dance classes, you can give yourself the confidence boost you need to free your desire to boogie. The next time you’re in a club, everyone else will be standing by the bar, enviously watching you!