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Bait Up: Exciting Deep Sea Fishing Trips

Fishing is a time-honored sport and a great way to relax. You’re out somewhere quiet, on your own or with a couple of friends, the water gently lapping at the banks of the river or lake. You’re surrounded by nature, with nothing to do but enjoy the peace and quiet, wait for a bite, and then get the excitement of hauling in your catch!

But if you’re a freshwater fisher, you’re probably bored of dragging the same fish out, time and time again. Sure, they taste nice (if you’re not throwing them back), but even the best meal and the most worthy opponent get tedious when they’re the only one available.

What can you do? Get yourself on a deep sea fishing boat and find a new challenge!

What Happens on a Deep Sea Charter Fishing Trip?

A deep sea fishing trip is completely different to freshwater lake or river fishing, and fly fishing. For starters, you’ll be on a charter boat, in a group of up to six people (though some boats can accommodate more). You’ll board the deep sea fishing boat in the harbor, but will head away from the coast – so make sure you have warm clothes!

Once you’re on board the boat, and if you’ve never been angling at sea before, you’ll be instructed on the basics of seamanship, given the rules, and introduced to deep sea fishing gear. The boat crew will all be experienced anglers, and very happy to instruct beginners, or lend a hand to more experienced individuals.

Deep sea fishing prices vary depending on how many people take the trip, the gear required, and where you want to go fishing. Since it can take an hour or more to reach the best spot to catch deep sea fishing game, charters often include tasty beverages, a bite to eat, and an ambience much like when you go on a short cruise.

What Can You Catch on a Deep Sea Fishing Trip?

Do you have one of those annoying fishing friends who continually boasts about the 20-pound largemouth bass he hooked one day? Well, it’s time to make him eat his hat!

Freshwater fishing is great, but it’s limited. A deep sea fishing trip takes the basics of fishing and amps it up – like swimming at the deep end instead of in the kids’ paddling pool. You get to experience the thrill of the catch, right from the heart of the ocean!

Wherever you go deep sea fishing, Florida being a great choice, you’ll have the opportunity to land some amazing catches – deep sea fishing game is a whole different kettle of fish, if you’ll excuse the pun! Forget pulling out 4-pound trout: when you go on deep sea fishing tours, you’re looking at bottom fishing for species such as groupers, which can weigh up to 15 pounds, red snappers of up to 35 pounds or more, or amberjacks which commonly weigh up to 40 pounds. You can sight fish for 6-foot cobia or offshore troll for sport fish.

In Destin, deep sea fishing charters will sometimes even include shark fishing, for the really adventurous types.

Live Bait for Big Game

One of the biggest differences between going deep sea fishing (Florida or elsewhere) and freshwater fishing is the bait. The fish you’re looking to catch aren’t like trout, catfish, pike, salmon or bass. They’re not going to be fooled by a worm or a bunch of feathers.

Deep sea fishing is big game hunting on the water: the animals you’re looking for eat other fish, so you’ll be using live bait – anchovies, sardines or squid. If it ain’t wrigglin’ on the hook, they ain’t gonna bite! That means you’ll need to bait your hook when the boat crew tell you, and not before, or your intended prey will just swim away.

If you’re fed up with catching small fry and want to go deep sea fishing, Florida offers you an amazing experience. Just imagine how your friend’s boasts about his 20-pound bass are going to sound when you bring home an 11-foot, 2,000 pound blue marlin!