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Rich and Famous: Riding in Exotic Rental Cars

A weakness for fast and luxurious cars is common. Ever since Henry Ford built his production-line models, the USA has been virtually obsessed with gas-powered vehicles, forever demanding faster, sleeker, more powerful, more luxurious models. Let’s face it: when you think of the signs of success, a gorgeous, expensive sports car or a limo with all the extras is one of the first things that comes to mind!

But you don’t have to be rich or famous to drive a Lamborghini or an Aston Martin: luxury car rentals put even the most expensive vehicle at your disposal!

Speedy Sports Cars

Whether you’re a fan of highly-tuned muscle cars, or a supercar aficionado, sport car rentals offer the ultimate in high-speed driving thrills. Exotic rental cars run the gamut, from high-end sports models from Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche to supercars from Maserati and McLaren. If you’re more of a Fast and Furious driver, some companies even offer custom-built muscle cars for eye-grabbing attention and envious looks wherever you go.

And if the roar of the engine as you pull up for a special night out on the town isn’t enough, you can rent some track time to push the car harder. No more 50mph limits here: whether you drive your sport car rentals yourself or sit next to an experienced professional for a serious racing rush, you’ll never forget the adrenaline that pounds through your veins as you slide around corners, whip through chicanes, and hit speeds you’ve only dreamed about!

Luxury Limos

Sports cars are great, but if you’re headed to an event and want to arrive with style and elegance, exotic rental cars of a different kind are just the ticket. You’ll really make a lasting impression on your date (or your partner, on date night!) when you step out of a Bentley, a Rolls Royce or a luxury stretch limo in front of the restaurant.

Crowd-stopping luxury car rentals come with everything you need to make your evening extra special – except sunglasses. You’ll have to bring those yourself, if you want to really look like a celebrity!

Exotic Convertibles

Getting ready to surprise your partner with a romantic weekend away? Or do you just want to take them out for a picnic, but make the drive along the coast something special? Many car rental places offer high-end exotic convertibles that can turn a simple day out into an unforgettable memory. Top down, wind in your hair, surrounded by the luxury of your choice of many exotic cars for rent, heads turning as you cruise past in a glamorous vehicle… now that’s a day at the beach!

Whether it’s a beautiful luxury limo or a sleek, sexy supercar, luxury car rentals can turn any simple outing into an event. Treat yourself or surprise a friend!