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Cockpit Adventures: Airplane and Helicopter Flying Lessons

Do you have a budding pilot in the family? Are you one of the many people who love to fly? Or have you just wondered what it would be like to be in the cockpit instead of back in coach class, squashed up against the nervous, sweaty traveler who always seems to get assigned the seat next to yours on long-distance journeys?

The dream of flying has always been powerful. Leonardo da Vinci designed an “ornithopter” in the hopes of flying, and ever since the Wright brothers got their first powered airplane off the ground, humans have been driven to build better, faster, more reliable machines to cover greater distances. Now, of course, few people think twice about boarding a jet to go on vacation.

But how many people get to sit in the pilot’s seat and actually decide where they’re going to fly? The idea of being above the clouds, seeing the world far below, the limitless expanse of blue sky spreading to the horizon… flying is the ultimate freedom, with only a fuel gauge to stop it going on forever, and airplane flying lessons are the first step!

Taking your first airplane or helicopter flying lessons is a more monumental experience than the first time you take the wheel of a car. This is a whole new world you are entering into. Helicopter or airplane flying lessons can really help you to expand your horizons.

Airplanes or Helicopters?

All fixed wing aircraft (like small planes), fly in basically the same way and are designed to be "positively stable". That means that an airplane will always try to return to flying straight and level. This actually makes airplane flying lessons easier, because you can don’t need to concentrate completely on flying: you can look out the windows, gape at the scenery, take photos, chat with your instructor, and enjoy the experience of being thousands of feet up in the air.

Helicopters are another story. They’re harder to get off the ground, harder to control and don’t automatically try to stay up in the air. When you take helicopter flying lessons, you’ll have to concentrate a lot harder on keeping the machine under control. So why would you want to fly a difficult helicopter instead of a nice easy plane? Because they can hover, fly sideways, and even go backwards – much cooler than fixed-wing planes!

Airplane Flying Lessons

If you ask fifty kids what they want to do when they grow up, you’re all but guaranteed to hear “fly airplanes!” among the answers. Many people imagine piloting their own plane and the dream grows with them into adulthood. The cost of flying lessons is often their only stumbling block, which is why a gift of a flying lesson experience is so cool. Just watch their face when they land: it’ll be like seeing the little kid who wanted to be a pilot!

Helicopter Flying Lessons

Helicopters are extremely versatile. They can go in any direction, stop and start moving at will, and can be taken down to much lower altitudes than fixed-wing aircraft. These unique vehicles are also great fun to fly and offer impressive all-round visibility. A flying lesson experience includes an experienced instructor, of course, so you can stop concentrating from time to time and enjoy the ride. Helicopter flying lessons cost less than you might imagine, too.

Flight Lessons for a Special Someone

If you’re looking for an extra-special gift for someone, airplane or helicopter flying lessons are a great choice. It doesn’t really matter if the recipient intends to be a pilot, wants to buy their own plane, or just fancies flying around: in the end, a flying lesson experience is a remarkable opportunity to take to the skies and not be stuffed inside a massive tourist bus. In control, in the cockpit, with clouds and sky beside you – flying is an amazing experience!