Sure, you love Yoga! All your friends are constantly raving about its benefits and about how much they’ve gained from it, both physically and spiritually. And every time that subject comes up, you always agree with them, saying things like “Yes, I love it too! Yoga has changed my life. Yoga’s teachings have taught so much more than simply what’s on the surface.” But your friends don’t realize that you’re actually saying, “Yes, I love it too! Yoghurt has changed my life. Yoda’s teachings have taught so much more than simply what’s on the surface.” You just haven’t gotten into as much as they have. Or at all really, if you’re being honest.

You have to admit, it seems that yoga classes are popping up everywhere. They even offer it while waiting in line at your local Starbucks. And speaking of Starbucks, it seems that next to each Starbucks in America, you’ll find another two or three Pilates studios immediately surrounding it. Soon, they’ll have Pilates studios in Starbucks, so you can be practicing yoga while you wait. You can’t escape that Pilates and Yoga are now everywhere. You can’t really get away from it even at home. You have yoga pants, although the main function of those pants has somehow eluded you. Is there truly a better purpose for them?

Yes, there is. You could actually use them to do Yoga! There are yoga courses available at any time that could suit you and you have no excuse to simply give it a try, at least once. Yoga training will give you some incredible benefits. Yoga and Pilates do give you longer and leaner muscles and its emphasis on balance and position will strengthen muscles that you didn’t even know existed deep within your body. And Pilates classes really will show you how much you need those Pilates classes. It’s a self-fulfilling class. You don’t have enough strength to complete the class, so you keep coming back to build up more strength so you can complete the class. Genius business plan. Borderline evil really.

Yoga and Pilates aren’t about simply jumping on a trend and carrying around the mat to demonstrate your holistic health to all who see you. They do work, they have proven track records and they have followers who will testify to their effectiveness in reducing pain and stress, losing fat, building muscle and meeting other people with ridiculously good looking bodies. That is what it’s all about after all. While you define and tone a beautiful body of your own, you get the chance to ogle the other beautiful bodies in the class with you. Genius business plan. Borderline evil really.

So, whether you find yourself in Bikram Yoga, with the heat cranked all the way up to 11 or reformer Pilates, practicing positions and holding poses that will literally reform your body. Whatever yoga class you find most comfortable, you can be sure that your body, your mind and your soul will not regret this decision. Also, it’s good to give those yoga pants a good workout every now and then.