There are some people who would say that surfing is the ultimate sport. It’s a contest between you and nature. No one else needs to participate in this sport for you to enjoy it. You pit your strength and ability and courage against the pounding seas and emerge victorious, and your reward for winning is very rewarding. You can participate at any time you choose, so long as the swell is pumping and the waves are breaking. You can go for the early morning surf before work, or choose to finish your day with a ride on the board. You can choose to take it simple and find easier breaks, or you can find the where the pros surf and get in tubes, ride the monsters and get some serious thrills.

Yes, there are some people who would say surfing is all you need. Some. But not all. Maybe your idea of a great day at the beach involves still, calm waters overlooking a pristine white sandy beach with a gentle breeze blowing inland and whisking away all your cares. There are others who say this is how you should choose to spend your time at the ocean. And if you count yourself among the others who agree with that statement, there is still a way for you go to go out on a board into the waters and still maintain that Zen-like calm and serenity for which you came to the beach in the first place. Paddle boarding is more suited to your pace and lifestyle. You still get the good elements of surfing, just you against the waters on a board, no one else required to be with you. However, you don’t ever have to swim out past the breakers. Bonus!

For those of you not in the know, paddle boarding is an activity that takes out on the still water on a long board. You remain standing at all times (if you can) on the board and you have a paddle with you to get around. It’s a peaceful way to be in the ocean and enjoy the relaxed lifestyle you’ve come to enjoy. By using the stand up paddle boards, you can now spend hours at a time on your board and still come back feeling refreshed and peaceful. As you paddle out into the deeper waters, you can relax, knowing that all is right with the world.

And for those looking to try this sport out for the first time, there are always paddle board rentals for you to try out. This is one board you won’t need a class to use. Simply stand up and start paddling. You’ll find your way soon enough, and you won’t want to find your way back.

So, if the thrilling sport of surfing is too intense for the kind of day you have planned, still you can get out into the water on your very own paddle board. No need to over exert yourself today, you just got your nails done. Happy paddling!