Gift choices can be difficult at 60. Birthday gifts are often mixed up with thoughts of retirement and the long period of leisure on the horizon. Consequently, some of the best 60 birthday gifts are those that offer eye-opening new experiences – a glimpse of what’s to come when work is done!

What kind of present to buy a 60 year old? Birthday gifts for people so close to retirement often treat them as if they’ll spend the rest of their life wearing slippers and watching TV. 60 isn’t that old! Some of the best 60 year old birthday gifts offer exciting new experiences that create wonderful new memories.

60th birthday gift ideas are suggestions for presents to mark six decades of life. A century or two ago, reaching 60 years old was rare, but modern 60 year olds are often active, fun-loving people who would much prefer 60th birthday gift ideas offering exciting new experiences and once-in-a-lifetime memories.