A birthday is the yearly celebration of the specific date on which a person was born. It is a special kind of anniversary. In some countries, such as France, there is only one word for both occasions: a birthday is a yearly celebration of being born, so “anniversary” is used for both.

Although birthdays are only celebrated yearly, there are a couple of exceptions that bear mentioning. The first of these is for very young babies: parents will often mark the first, third, sixth and ninth months of their little one’s life with a special occasion. Some parents mark every month of the first year, leading up to a momentous first birthday of great importance, complete with a party and presents.

The second – and much rarer – exception is for people who live by a different calendar. Birthdays are still marked in the same way, but may fall on a different “normal” date each year, depending on the calendar used.

While young children see every birthday as an event of world-shattering proportions, most older people mark certain ages as particularly significant: 
  • a teenager’s 16th birthday (present ideas cover both “sweet sixteen” and high school graduation age)
  • the 18th birthday, when an individual becomes legally adult
  • the 21st birthday, which is still the age of majority in Mississippi and Puerto Rico
  • the 25th birthday, which is a person’s “quarter century”
  • the 30th birthday and every 10 years afterwards, as milestone ages

Although the old adage says that everyone gets “three score and ten” years (70), most people will live to see their 80th birthday. Ideas to extend human life spans are constantly being researched, of course, so one day it may not be so unusual to reach 100 years old!

The best anniversary gift is one that the recipient least expects, but which fits their personality perfectly. It can be a day of pampering at a spa, a romantic ride in a hot air balloon, or driving a racing car at breakneck speed – as long as it’s the best anniversary gift they could ever hope for!

The best anniversary gift for her is one that she would never expect. Thinking outside the box is essential – instead of flowers, an invitation to high tea with friends; instead of a box of chocolates, the adrenaline rush of an aerobatic flight. If it matches her personality, it could be the best anniversary gift for her, ever!

The best anniversary gift for him is one that fits perfectly. If he’s a romantic, it could be a hot air balloon ride and a picnic; for an angler, a deep sea fishing trip; for a go-getter, a paintballing day with you and his friends. As long as it suits his personality, it could be the best anniversary gift for him, ever!

The best anniversary gift for women is one which suits the personality of the recipient. If she’s a hard-working exec, a relaxed, elegant high tea party to catch up with friends; for a health fiend, rock climbing lessons; for a speed-lover, driving a racing car. The best anniversary gift for women doesn’t have to be a boring shopping trip!

The best birthday gifts for women are those which they cherish for the rest of their lives. But they don’t have to be jewels or other consumer goods – you can offer amazing experiences as well. Some of the best birthday gifts for women are special days where they get to do things they’ve only dreamed of before.

The best birthday presents are always remembered with a smile, even decades later. So put aside all the gadgets, clothes, and shiny things – the best birthday presents are once-in-a-lifetime experiences that the recipient will tell their friends about for years to come!

A best gift (boyfriend) is the ideal present for a romantic partner, for their birthday, a special occasion, or “just because”. Rather than looking for something that everyone else offers their special guy, you should look for the real best gift – boyfriend or soon to be more, he’ll love a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The best gift for boyfriend depends on the type of guy you’re dating, but some of the best ideas are experiential gifts, giving memories that will last for ever. For a sportsman, kiteboarding or skydiving; for a hard-working businessman, a relaxing motorbike tour or deep sea fishing trip; for someone who loves nightclubs, lessons in a new dance style.

One of the toughest questions for many men is the best gift for wife. What to get her? What will show how you feel? Should the present be different for a birthday, an anniversary, a special occasion? In reality, the best gift for wife is almost always one that suits her personality and creates memories she can cherish for ever.

A birthday, for mom, is an odd affair: many mothers play down the importance, but you know they’ll be hoping for something original and wonderful. So what’s the best way to show how your mom how special she is? On her birthday, for mom, get an experiential gift that will make her feel like a celebrity, or create amazing new memories of a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

A birthday gift for girlfriend is a present given to celebrate a romantic partner’s birthday. It’s a difficult decision for many men, especially if you haven’t been dating for long. It’s also easy to go wrong with jewelry and other goods, so a better bet may be to offer a birthday gift for girlfriend that is an exciting new experience.

A birthday gift for her is a present for a female: a mother, daughter, wife, or colleague – though it most frequently refers to the woman with whom a person has a romantic involvement. Finding the ideal birthday gift for her is not easy, but some of the best gifts are those which offer unique experiences to treasure for ever.

A birthday gift for husband is a difficult choice: should you get him something you think he wants, or arrange an event with his friends? Instead of struggling, a great birthday gift for husband can be a new experience – deep sea fishing, driving a racing car, dance lessons, or whatever will give him amazing memories to cherish.

A birthday gift (for man) is a present given to celebrate another year of life. These gifts vary wildly, depending on the giver and receiver. Some of the best ideas for a modern birthday gift for man are to offer a new experience, rather than consumer goods.

A birthday gift (for woman) is a present given to a woman to celebrate her birth anniversary. Depending on the people involved, these gifts can be simple or extremely complex and expensive. An original and unique birthday gift for woman could be a new experience to cross off her bucket list.

A birthday gift (girlfriend) is a present given to a romantic partner. Unfortunately, choosing the right gift doesn’t get any easier, no matter how old you get! Instead of struggling with jewelry choices or other standard tactics, why not go for something completely original – a birthday gift (girlfriend) that gives her an exciting new experience!

A present to mark a birth anniversary is a birthday gift. Her friends, family, or partner may all offer such a gift – even work colleagues buy presents, in some jobs. If you’re looking for a great birthday gift, her personality is the most important thing to consider. That way, you can offer a unique experience that she’ll treasure for ever.

A birthday gift idea (for man) can range from traditional masculine offerings to more personal and well-considered options. Modern men don’t all like racing cars and skydiving (though a lot do!), so you should consider a birthday gift idea for man that suits his personality and offers him a new experience he’ll love.

Birthday gift ideas for boyfriend should ideally play to the things he enjoys the most. If he’s an adrenaline-seeker, something like skydiving should do the trick; if he’s into nightclubs, some dance lessons will make him feel (even more) awesome in public. Make sure your birthday gift ideas for boyfriend are appropriate, and he’ll never forget them!