Retirement is when an individual permanently stops working. It typically refers to the country’s standard retirement age (67 in the USA); if someone stops working before this age, it is called “early retirement” (typically at 62 years old in the USA).

Retirement is the culmination of an individual’s working life, and is a significant event. It is usually accompanied by celebrations, both in the workplace and privately, and (often personalized) retirement gifts.

In the workplace, a retirement is usually the occasion for an extended lunch break with drinks (primarily soft, though some companies may serve alcohol), a speech from the boss, and the “golden handshake” – remuneration and gifts in appreciation of their service. This is particularly true when long-serving individuals and executives move on.

Privately, retirement is often celebrated with a party and retirement presents from friends and family. It is a big event because the individual is finally escaping the “rat race” of work, to spend their time relaxing and enjoying the fruits of their long labors, often with extended holidays and new pastimes.

Retirement gift suggestions are ideas for presents to give someone as they start their after-work life. No more bosses means they can choose what they do with their own time, so why not give them a push in the right direction with retirement gift suggestions that create unforgettable memories of awesome life experiences?

Retirement presents are offered to people who have reached the end of their working life. Forget the gold watch and the bottle of whisky – the best retirement presents take into account that the person is still active and energetic, and give them an awesome once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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