A corporate anniversary marks the date upon which a company was created, or went through a significant change, such as becoming a public company with shares on the stock market. Celebration of corporate anniversaries is much more common in small businesses, especially those run by a family or a group of friends. 

These anniversaries are important because they are survival milestones: according to surveys, under 40% of small businesses are still in business after five years of operation, with over 30% failing in the first two years. 

Anniversaries are also used as an opportunity to make a business appear more human, by involving everyone in celebrations, from the owner down to the workers.

While it’s true that most big companies do not celebrate their corporate anniversary every year, even the biggest business keeps an eye open for milestones. The chance to party after 25, 50 or even 100 years of business only comes once, and it’s a great opportunity to spend some of the profits on employee incentives, executive business gifts for clients, and – of course – lots of extra marketing to tell everyone how successful the company is!


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A corporate gift is an item presented by a company to a client, employee or supplier. They are often used internally as employee awards, or externally as promotional materials intended to spread brand recognition and awareness.

Corporate gifts have long been traditional in many industries. For example, pharmaceutical salespeople always carry “freebies” such as pens, notepads and other small stationery items to promote a variety of manufacturers.

For the owner of a business, corporate gifts are a complex business, not least because there are so many rules and regulations governing how gifts may be given to clients, suppliers, and other business relations.

A corporate business gift is a great way for a company to express its appreciation of a long-term partnership, and corporate client gifts are appropriate for special customers, especially in the holiday season. Christmas corporate gifts are one of the best ways to improve brand awareness in both business and client relations, while spreading a little seasonal happiness.

Business owners frequently use discount corporate gifts as part of their employee incentive plan, ramping up through a variety of cool corporate gifts as rewards for better performance, all the way up to a luxury corporate gift at the top end, for the best achiever.

All sorts of internal awards are an excellent use of personalized corporate gifts for employees: long service awards or corporate thank you gifts for exceptional effort are so much better when they are engraved with the individual’s name or team title.

Some companies also use high end corporate gifts for retirement presents and to mark other significant events, possibly even going as far as offering the client or employee an expenses-paid holiday. Corporate gift giving of this level is usually reserved for exceptional individuals and situations.

A Christmas corporate gift is a present given during the holiday period to show appreciation of a company’s client, supplier, or employee. It can be a small token or something more remarkable, such as a Christmas corporate gift of an exciting new experience.

Christmas corporate gifts are given by companies to their employees, clients, or suppliers to show appreciation – and also to improve company reputation and spread brand awareness! The best Christmas corporate gifts are often new experiences for a whole group of people, such as inter-departmental laser tag or a relaxing tour on a charter boat.

Christmas gift certificates are an alternative to a specific present. They are paper or electronic vouchers that can be redeemed Christmas gift certificates allow the recipient to choose their own gift, whether an experience or gift boxes.

When you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a boyfriend, try to avoid things that his family and friends are likely to offer. The ideal gift should be something that shows how well you know him. Some of the best ideas for a Christmas gift for a boyfriend are exciting new experiences that he’ll always remember.

A Christmas gift for a girlfriend is sometimes difficult to find – after all, you don’t want to offer the same present she gets from her mother! The best bet is to come up with original, unique ideas. A wildly romantic experience makes a great Christmas gift for a girlfriend.

Choosing a Christmas gift for husband is hard – no matter how long you’ve been married! Instead of resorting to traditional gifts like aftershave, be original and offer something insanely romantic or exciting. Memories of new experiences last a lifetime!

Looking for Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend? Don’t make the mistake of buying the standard stuff that everyone gets their man. If you really want him to see how much he means to you, the best Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend are to offer him a romantic new experience, or an exciting day out.

There are so many Christmas gift ideas for him that it’s hard to know what he’ll like the best. Another gadget? Clothes? Jewelry? Instead of resorting to traditional Christmas gift ideas for him, go the extra mile and book a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience he’ll remember for ever.

Christmas gift ideas for husband should show how much you love him. It’s even better if they are memorable and original! Steer away from things he would buy for himself – the latest gadget or clothes – and go for Christmas gift ideas for husband that give him memories to last a lifetime.

You know she’s tired of getting flowers and jewelry, right? They’re nice, but Christmas gifts for wife should be imaginative and original, to show how much she really means to you. Plan ahead and book a wildly romantic new experience, or a special day out she’ll always remember. Now those are great Christmas gifts for wife!

Christmas presents for boyfriends ideally make him feel special and are things that no one else will offer. Your best bet is to find something that suits his personality – would he like a racing car experience, cooking lessons, or a deep sea fishing trip? Some of the best Christmas presents for boyfriends aren’t things they can hold in their hands, but experiences they will remember for ever.

Christmas presents for dad are often ill-considered and show little imagination. This is the guy who brought you up, so make an effort and find something original and memorable. New experiences make excellent Christmas presents for dad, and give him something to boast to his friends about!

Ah, Christmas presents for girlfriend. Was there ever a more difficult decision? Will she love that necklace? Is a posh restaurant really a good choice? If you’re stuck for ideas for Christmas presents for girlfriend, consider an experience she will never forget – something totally romantic and original!

Christmas presents for him should match his personality. If he’s an adrenaline junkie, send him skydiving. If he loves nature, a swim with dolphins or a tour of the Everglades is perfect. There are dozens of unique experiences to offer as Christmas presents for him.

Cool birthday presents are gifts that are original and unusual. They suit the recipient’s personality, and will always be remembered. Cool birthday presents include exciting experiences and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to do something wild and crazy!

Cool corporate gifts are items offered by a business to show its appreciation of a client or employee. The tough part is the “cool”. Most companies struggle to come up with special gifts for their most important recipients, but fun or exciting new experiences make excellent (and very cool) corporate gifts.

Corporate anniversary gifts are presents given to celebrate an anniversary, usually a landmark date such as 25 or 50 years in business. By choosing a new experience that a group of employees can share, corporate anniversary gifts show appreciation for staff and also act as an incentive for continued success!

A corporate business gift is a present given to an employee or client to show the company’s appreciation. At the lower end of the scale, such gifts can be simple awards or stationery items, but to really show appreciation, an experiential corporate business gift is the best choice.