Unlike a corporate anniversary, an employee anniversary marks the date when an individual joined a company. Like most anniversaries, it is celebrated on the same date each year, though most companies do not yet make an annual event out of it. This is particularly true in big businesses, where having hundreds of employees on staff would mean an anniversary almost every day!

In large companies, an employee’s anniversary may be marked by an email or a note from the owner or CEO. Small and family businesses may mark the event in the same way, or with inexpensive corporate gifts.

There are situations when even a huge company will mark an employee anniversary. The two most common are when an individual has worked for the business for a very long time – 10 or 20 years, for example – or when they have held a particularly important post for a shorter period.

Within large companies, individual teams may make a bigger deal of employee anniversaries, depending on how close-knit they are, and whether their boss is indulgent!

An employee incentive is one of many motivational tools available to company owners and managers. The basic idea is to give employees a reason to act in a particular way, perform better, or otherwise make themselves more valuable to the company.

Surprisingly, fewer than 30% of companies have employee incentive programs. Why is this surprising? Because not only do most employees approve of the idea and enjoy pushing themselves to get exciting gifts or other rewards, but the programs themselves provide a huge number of benefits.

Motivated employees are far less likely to move on to work for the competition, have better daily performance, don’t call in sick as much, are more loyal, and are happier in their jobs. Happiness at work spreads like excitement at a rock concert – it’s infectious and buoys the company, inspiring everyone to work harder and better.

In spite of what you may think, employee incentives are not always monetary. Sure, it’s easy to motivate with extra cash, but there are plenty of other options as well. Experiential gifts, unusual corporate gifts, gift certificates, and points programs are all great choices.

An experiential gift is one which cannot be held, but gives the recipient an experience they are unlikely to have in the course of their normal life. 

This kind of gift first appeared in the UK in the 1990s, created by a lady who wanted a way to offer her father tickets to a cricket match. The first experiential gifts were mainly birthday presents for men, revolving around typically masculine experiences such as driving sports cars, going skydiving, or cigar tasting.

Since then, the market has expanded to include unusual birthday presents for both sexes and all ages, with far less stereotyping of the recipients!

Modern gift experiences offer a multitude of options that can be offered as unique Xmas gifts, special gifts for family members, romantic Valentine’s Day ideas, or a military retirement gift that will suit anyone coming out of the armed forces, whether they’re used to pulse-pounding excitement or strategizing from behind a desk!

These are once-in-a-lifetime experiences which, although they’re not really that rare, are the sort of thing people will not spend their own money on. That’s what makes them such ideal presents!

Employee anniversary gifts are given by a company to mark milestone dates in the working lives of employees. That often means 10, 20 or 30 years of service. An engraved plaque is nice, but to show you really value your employee, anniversary gifts that give them an amazing new experience are much better.

An employee gift is given to an employee by a business. It can be a reward, an incentive, an anniversary present, or any number of things. The best employee gift makes them the center of attention, by offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience outside of their normal working life.

Employee gift cards are one of the most common forms of incentive, offered by companies to individuals who achieve exceptional performance levels. While standard offering include major retailers, online and off, the best employee gift cards are for bucket list experiences.

An employee gift catalog contains suggestions for a business to offer its employees as incentives, rewards, awards, and for other special occasions. Most catalogs include the standard branded fare, but the very best employee gift catalog should also have experiential gifts in it – awesome experiences to broaden your employees’ horizons and get them motivated!

Employee gifts are offered by businesses as incentives, awards for achievements, rewards for exceptional performance, or on special occasions. Many companies make the mistake of offering items with the company logo on them, when the very best employee gifts put the recipient at the center of attention. Choose experiential gifts and motivate your workforce big-time!

Employee incentive gifts are a way for management to encourage the workforce to perform better and more efficiently. When exceptional individuals achieve great things, appropriate employee incentive gifts, such as awesome new experiences, show the company’s gratitude – and motivate other employees to work harder, as well.

An employee incentive plan is a management tool designed to reward employees for performing well in the workplace. The majority of employees approve of such systems, especially when the employee incentive plan offers experiential gifts, such as helicopter tours, parasailing, or even lessons in golf, dance, or cooking.

Employee incentive programs are a great way for a company to encourage its workforce to perform better. Offering rewards that your employees will love is, of course, the essential part of all successful employee incentive programs – new experiences and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities are great choices.

An employee incentive reward is the gift that an employee earns when they achieve the performance levels or results laid down in a company’s employee incentive program. Ideally, an employee incentive reward should give the winner something they will value, such as a bucket list experience.

Employee incentives are designed to encourage a company’s workforce to achieve better results or performance levels. They are usually part of a detailed incentive program, with carefully chosen performance indicators and measures. Employee incentives should always be gifts that the recipients will want, such as once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

An employee incentives program encourages people to work harder by offering awesome rewards when they achieve the required results. The key factor in building a successful employee incentives program is to make the rewards extremely desirable. Small company-branded items won’t cut it – go for experiential offerings that offer your employees amazing new things to discover.

Employee recognition gifts are rewards given to individuals for particular achievements in their working life. Perhaps they saved the company a lot of money, or came up with an innovative idea. All employee recognition gifts should be original and memorable, such as those which offer exciting new experiences.

If a business wants to get more out of its employees, rewards are an excellent option because they encourage individuals to do better, rather than trying to whip them into working harder! The best employees rewards are those that everyone wants – new experiences such as wreck diving or driving a racing car, for example.

Engagement gift ideas are suggestions for a present to give to someone who is getting engaged. They can be destined for one or both of the affianced pair. For an exceptional engagement gift, ideas should be unique and original, as well as memorable.

Engagement party gift ideas are suggestions for a special party or gift to give to someone who is getting engaged. They are typically intended for both individuals in the affianced couple. To really make a memorable engagement party, gift ideas should be unique and original.

Engagement present ideas are suggestions for gifts to celebrate the first official step towards getting married. Gifts are usually intended for one of the couple, though some engagement parties are for both. Exceptional engagement present ideas are always original and unexpected, as well as memorable.

When a special someone has a special day coming, you want to find exciting gifts. Of course, everyone’s definition of “exciting” is different, but most people would agree that once-in-a-lifetime experiences make for exciting gifts – whether it’s paint balling, a motorbike tour, or high tea with BFFs!