A marriage or wedding anniversary is the (traditionally yearly) celebration of the day a couple got married. In the modern world, it applies not only to marriage, but to civil partnerships, handfastings and a multitude of other legal and appropriate fashions by which couples are formed!

Since marriage is one of the most important events in anyone’s life, these anniversaries exist in almost every country around the world. Most couples proudly celebrate the first year of their union by hunting for unique, romantic 1st year anniversary gifts. 

Traditionally, milestone marriage anniversaries are given special names, though the exact names change over time. For example, in the early 1900s, a couple would have to reach 75 years of marriage to announce a diamond anniversary, but that has now dropped to 60 years.

Though some western countries have a name for every wedding anniversary up to the 25th, then every 5 years afterwards, the names below are common to most countries:
  • 1 year: paper anniversary (or cotton in some countries)
  • 5 years: wooden anniversary
  • 10 years: tin anniversary
  • 15 years: crystal anniversary
  • 20 years: china anniversary
  • 25 years: silver anniversary
  • 30 years: pearl anniversary
  • 40 years: ruby anniversary
  • 50 years: golden anniversary
  • 60 years: diamond anniversary

Most partners search for a yearly anniversary gift. Couples are often given presents by family and friends, especially for milestone years.

If your favorite person is in the Marine Corp, gift selection can be a challenge – after all, a pair of socks won’t cut it! Look for original ideas that broaden their already-broad horizons, such as a Harley tour, hot air ballooning, or swimming with dolphins (instead of the rest of the Marine Corp). Gift giving can be awesome if you offer experiences instead of consumer goods!

Marriage anniversary gifts are presents given to celebrate another year of a marriage. Unless the event is a milestone year, marriage anniversary gifts are typically given by one partner to the other; in milestone years, friends and family get involved, too.

A military retirement gift is a present given to someone at the end of their working life in the armed forces. Some of the best ideas for a military retirement gift are new experiences – something pumped with adrenaline like skydiving, or a relaxing deep sea fishing trip or wreck dive. Make the occasion truly memorable.

Just because she’s your mom. Presents for mothers don’t need a special occasion, though birthdays and mother’s day are always good excuses to do something for her. If you’re planning a gift for your mom, presents such as pampering at a spa, an Everglades tour, or another once-in-a-lifetime experience make a wonderful change from a bunch of flowers.

You were brought into the world by your mommy – gifts for her don’t really need any more reason than that, but mother’s day and her birthday are both good reasons to find a great gift for your mommy. Gifts that she’ll remember are the best, so offer her high tea with friends, pampering at a spa, or an amazing seaplane tour.

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